Best Buy Triple Charging for Purchases

WARNING: Best Buy is triple charging for purchases and the company is aware of this glitch in system yet is NOT warning consumers at register. This is TRUE. I know. It just happened to me. Today (April 14th, 2012) I went in and made a purchase of $243.84. The terminal CC processor lagged and the clerk re-ran the card. Still lagged. Then, it required her to call in and verify the amount. She did. The purchase was then completed and she said “they didn’t give a reason why I had to call”. We left with our purchases. Curious, and fearful my debit card info might have been hacked or something else, I got to the car and logged into my online banking system only to find Best Buy had charged me $243.84 THREE times in a row, holding/deducting that amount from my available balance.

I went right back in and alerted the clerk who had checked me out. As I said it the boy clerk next to her said, “Oh yes, that’s been happening. Just had it happen the other day”. The manager came out, plastered a smile to her face and said, “Yes, Best Buy company is aware of this problem. Its happening company wide. Your money should be released/back to you next week.”

I said, “It has a hold of nearly $500 extra on my account now.”

She said, “Well, the money is not technically gone. Its just being held by your bank.”

I replied, “So, what you’re saying is Best Buy is holding nearly $500 of my money hostage?”

Continuing to smile, she said, “Um, yes, I guess they are.”

“I have the extra in the account,” I said, seething mad but maintaining a calm exterior. Mind you, I don’t consider $500 pocket change. “But what happens to someone who doesn’t and Best Buy does this to them?”

She said, “Oh, that’s already happened. We had a customer in here who was also overcharged three times and we had to call for verification on their card too, then when they realized they were charged three times they stood up here yelling at us, furious.”

I looked at my husband and I said, “What I’m getting out of this conversation is, good luck getting the hold off your money.”

I’m so disappointed in Best Buy. A company wide problem such as this should be posted throughout the store and at the registers, alerting customers of the possible glitch and letting customers decide if they want to make a purchase now or go and get cash. I can tell you I would NOT have purchased my items then. I would have gone and grabbed cash and returned.

I will keep you posted on how long/if my money is returned to me.

UPDATE: since posting this here, on facebook and on twitter I’m getting many reports in of this happening to other over the past weekend/several days. Some have gone to check their statements and have been surprised to see double or more charges. Others were alerted right away and are dealing with the same thing I am. One man was charged 10x’s for his purchase. Another is out $700 as well. Countless more. Please spread the word about this. Tell your family and your friends. Protect yourself.

The economy is in the toilet and no one wants to be “donating” money to a company that doesn’t seemed bothered by the fact their systems are glitching and doing this to hard working people. Money is hard to come by and when it is removed/held from your account without your permission it should not be addressed with a large smile and a “yes, the company is aware of the problem”. The consumer should be aware of this!

From my comments below: “I’m getting a lot of reports in about this very thing happening to others all weekend. These people don’t have the same social “reach” I do. I needed to be a voice for them as best I could. I am truly hoping the 10 k plus who read my blog monthly, the 2 k on Facebook, the 2 k on twitter and the thousands on yahoo groups spread the word. That they all warn their friends and family members. The economy is shit right now. No one can be playing games with their hard-earned money and no company should conduct biz this way.”

Post keywords to help others find it so they are informed:

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    I’m done with Best Buy. Done. Not only from this, but…

    1. from last Nov/Dec when I ordered Christmas presents. They backordered but didn’t tell me. (heard this complaint a lot) So, no presents.

    2. When they did come, including my new iPad, lenses, high end camera, in the mail, they were packaged in a plastic bag, no padding. The boxes inside were torn from being thrown around in transit (no fragile sticker). When I called customer service, she didn’t understand why I didn’t want to break the seal on the packaging and “see if it worked”. BTW, you open it, it becomes your fault for any damage. They wouldn’t take a mail return, so I had to take a full day off work, drive out of town, to wait in line and return my items. The one good thing is they took one look at the packaging and didn’t fight me on the return. However, they did put the returned items back out on the shelves and exchanged them with items they had. Too bad for the people who came after me.

    3. One item never came. I ordered a larger item on sale, we’re talking several hundred off. It was backordered, did not arrive by Christmas. Several months of waiting later, emailed me to tell me they were cancelling the order because the item was no longer in stock and they would not be getting any more. Imagine my surprise when I go that very same day they sent the email to and find the EXACT model for sale at a more expensive “original” price. They FLAT OUT LIED to me so they wouldn’t have to honor their sale.

    What Best Buy did with this experience is to guarantee I never buy from them again. I would like to point out that I buy new electronics, camera equipment, software, graphics equipment, laptops, computers, gift cards, chargers, video games, phones, electronics for contest giveaways (ipads, ereaders, etc) etc on a yearly (some every other year) basis. They have literally lost tens of thousands of profit from me over the next couple of years. Well done, Best Buy, well done. I guess you’re the only company in the world who is unconcerned with future profits, so I’ll gladly give my business to Amazon. I’ll also be making sure you’re not part of my retirement portfolio.

    Mini rant over. BTW, Mandy, LUBS YOU!! Hope you get your money back!

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    Since posting this blog here, twitter and on facebook I’ve been hearing endless strings of the same types of complaints. I have to say, I’m not surprised the company is closing stores and having issues. With business practices such as these, back ordering and not telling, canceling orders because they don’t want to honor sale, triple charging, its a wonder they’ve been open as long as they have.

    I have now heard from seven other people who have been triple (or more) charged for purchases made at Best Buy in the last 72 hours. Consumers, please beware!

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    So glad I haven’t purchased anything at Best Buy (because it certainly doesn’t sound like a buy or the best of anything except maybe frustration). The triple charging thing would royally piss me off, I don’t always have the extra cash laying around in my checking account and to have to wait a week for the funds to be released would be a case for murder in my opinion. Grrrr!! I would have been the customer screaming and returning items promptly.

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    Not cool. I’m more worried about those who can’t afford to wait 2-4 weeks plus for their money to come back. To some, that could be their food money, or rent. Especially if they saved to buy a computer, at 500-900 sales ticket, to times that buy 3 or 4? So not cool.

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    Yes! It’s why I blogged about it, plastered it on Facebook and all over twitter. Consumers need to know this is happening. They need to understand their hard earned money is at stake and that a giant company is able to pull this with absolute ease. I’m getting a lot of reports in about this very thing happening to others all weekend. These people don’t have the same social “reach” I do. I needed to be a voice for them as best I could. I am truly hoping the 10 k plus who read my blog monthly, the 2 k on Facebook, the 2 k on twitter and the thousands on yahoo groups spread the word. That they all warn their friends and family members. The economy is shit right now. No one can be playing games with their hard-earned money and no company should conduct biz this way.

  6. Lydia Wiley says

    My husband says Best Buy is Amazon’s showroom. You do a hands on check at Best Buy then go home and order from Amazon.

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    LOl I love it! I came home and love the keyboard I bought. Not an extra $500 kind of love but I do love it so I ordered a second one from Amazon. Refusing to go back to Best Buy until they can fix this mess. Then I’m not even sure I will.

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    Called my bank. They’re telling me the holds should be removed in 3 days. She said, if they don’t come off, I’m to call Best Buy company and have them fax over a release of funds form to the bank. I said, what if they refuse to do so. She said “well, you could call us back.” Her hesitation prompted me to quickly point out I will not remain with a bank that does not back me and fraud.

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    Just received this via email from Best Buy:


    I’m sure that having a hold on your account is maddening, especially one for $500 dollars. I can only imagine your disappointment upon leaving the store and finding this out and I’d be equally as irritated as you, so I appreciate you reaching out to us for further guidance.

    After researching, I only see one purchase made in our system on the 14th for that amount. Therefore, any additional charges are “authorization holds” that will drop off, most likely within 10 business days. However, you may certainly contact your financial institution to find out when you can expect that to happen. Furthermore, I’ll surely pass this onwards to the upper management at our store so they are personally aware and may have this internally addressed with their staff. I’m very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


    Justin|Community Connector
    Corporate Campus

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    I’m glad you are on top of this! I found a couple of other posts and shared them on facebook as well, guy was charged 10 times (TEN!!) and 7 of those were before he walked out of the store when trying to get it fixed. It’s absolutely ridiculous that something like this is happening and that no one is stepping up to fix it. Makes me wonder if they have been hacked and there is someone sitting back laughing because they can’t fix it. Why isn’t the government looking into it? If it were Joe Citizen they’d have tossed their tushie into jail by now.