The Roger? King King Goose

Emails have been coming in about my VERY short FREE promotional story King, King, Goose?. Many of you have wondered about The Roger nickname for the goose. Funny story… this short story was born out of something that happened with my youngest son when he was maybe four or so. We were at a pond, feeding ducks and geese and a younger goose took a shine to my youngest son. Lil R Boy also took a shine to said goose. I turn my back and the next thing I know my youngest son is trying to lure the goose into my SUV. He’s saying “Come on Roger. Come on.”

I explained the goose could not come home with us. Lil R Boy explained he could because “he’s my friend, mommy, and Roger wants to come home”. So sure enough “Roger” goes straight to my car, under the tire and attempt to get into the open back door. I have video of it on my phone and pictures (putting one in this post of Roger refusing to budge from under my car), all with me laughing very hard while my youngest is yelling “that’s it, Roger! You can do it, Roger!”.

So, when I was asked to be part of the 12 Days of Christmas free short stories and told I had the Geese part I knew I had to make light of the “Roger” somehow.  I’m so glad you’ve all enjoyed it. And yes, I am considering expanding the world out and doing some longer stories in the world.

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