End of an Ebook Giant–Fictionwise closing its doors

Such sad news in the ebook world today. Fictionwise is closing its doors. I started in this industry at a small press/e-first publisher nearly 9 years ago. I’m not ashamed of that fact. Hell, I’m damn proud that myself and other authors like me were part of something that is now huge. Fictionwise was a LARGE part of that success. They helped me reach more readers and helped me be able to write full time. I know when we launched The Raven Books they were the first place we contacted just over two and a half years ago about getting distribution with. However, that never came to pass.

Goodbye Fictionwise. I know that I’ll miss you as will many others. I’m going to go fire up my old Ebookwise reader for the sake of nostalgia and because yes, it actually does still work–they were built tough.

To read more about Fictionwise closing its door visit this link.