Marketing with Mandy Author Spotlight: Aliyah Burke


Marketing with Mandy Author Spotlight: Aliyah Burke

Q: Tell us a little about your experience with Total E-Bound Publishing.

A: TEB is a publisher located over in England. I received my first acceptance letter from them in 2007, when I sent in a submission to be part of an anthology which would benefit Forces Benevolent Funds to support and help families who have lost members in the recent conflicts. As a Navy wife this was extremely important for me to attempt to be a part of. I really enjoy working with them as a company and have found them to be extremely professional and easy to work with. Both with my solo written books and the series I have there which is co-authored. I look forward to continuing to publish with them for years to come.


Q: What tips/tricks do you use for marketing or promoting your own titles?

A: Oh, I am really bad at promotion. I’m trying to do better. I blog, have contests, and try to keep my yahoo group, facebook, etc up with everything I’m doing/working on as well.


Q: What is one thing you’d want to tell a newer author, just coming into the game?

A: Develop a thick skin. This is a harsh business. You’ll never please everyone and there will be those who don’t like what you write. Don’t let them get you down and to a place where you never want to write again, or believe you can’t write.

Q: Could you tell us a bit about your latest release?

A: My latest release is titled, Casanova In Training, is published by Total E-Bound, and is a contemporary romance. The story is about a hot shot pilot who’s an ace and a test pilot who’s brought down by a woman who is more than he ever imagined one would be. She’s extremely smart, attractive, and can fly as well as—if not better than—he can. Giovanni Cassano and Jaydee Amos have a lot to overcome before they can be together.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your current WIP’s?

A: I’m working on 4 stories right now. Two historicals, one which ties into my Rakes & Rogues series at Passion in Print and the other one for their Cowboy Style theme line. I have a contemporary I’m working on which ties into my Megalodon Team series and the final one is time travel. Lot’s to keep me busy. J

Q: How did you get into writing?

A: It was in college when the voices in my head demanded to be put down on paper. I fought them for a while until I realized it would just be so much easier for me if I gave in. They’ve been running my life ever since. J

Q: How do balance family and writing?

A: I’m very lucky to have an understanding husband who supports me 100%. Some days are harder than others but we find ways to make it work. We make time to take trips together where I don’t bring writing at all, so that helps as well. It’s important for writers to get out and do things non-writing related so I do stuff with my dogs and am working on running longer so I can participate in charity runs. Things like that tend to clear my head.




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