Research that makes me sad

I love to research for books. In fact, if I’m not careful I’ll get lost in the research side of things. Its my nature. I’ve always been this way and always will be this way. Every so often a research topic comes my way for a book or series that I don’t love researching–that the more I dig into it, the more my stomach turns. Still, I research the topic in depth to be able to take snippets and weave those throughout my stories. This is one of those days… a day when, while I LOVE to research, I HATE the topic I’m researching. Its a necessary evil… part of the backbone of a series and how the men came to be. And while its not a pretty part of the world’s history, its a true and accurate part of history–a part that helped spawn the series I’m working on (yes, an existing series). I’ll be here, sickened and pissed for all the innocent lives lost and the victims of this horrendous dark part of our history.