CONTEST: Why Connie Can’t Come to the Phone

Since I’m getting endless calls today for someone named Connie who apparently typed in her phone number wrong when applying for health insurance quotes online, I think I’ll have a contest. How to enter? Simply comment here or on my FB page where this was first posted, telling me what I should say to each Health Ins company calling here today (interrupting my work which in turn takes income from my family). What will you be entered for a chance to w*n? An ebook copy of THE BET and THE COWBOY by (my pen name) Kennedy Kovit. Contest will run through Jan 5th, 2013.


  1. Dawnetta says

    I get these calls all the time. When I can’t convince them I’m not who they are calling for I simply say I have no job therefore no bank account an no credit cards. Amazing how fast they hang up on me. Lol

  2. Bill says

    Connie can’t come to the phone right now. They just arrested her for that insurance fraud scam she was running.

  3. Jessica Hale says

    Tell them “You do know Connie is only a teenager right? She is still in school so no job and no income for you although she did turn up pregnant one day maybe thats why she wants your quotes”

  4. Leah says

    Connie? I’m sorry Connie can’t come to the phone right now. She’s servicing the current John in the basement. I’m not really sure she can pay your rates she only gets paid $5 per blowjob. Would you like for me to take a message?

  5. Rosalyn Marhatta says

    Connie can’t come to the phone since I’ve tied her to the furnace in the basement so she can bake chocolate chop cookies for the Scouts.

  6. says

    I put together all entries here and on FB and then used to select the winners. Here they are!!!!

    Winners (thanks to of Why Connie Can’t Come to the Phone: If you’ve won please email mandyATmandyrothDOTcom with the electronic format of your choice to receive your ebook copies of The Bet and The Cowboy by Kennedy Kovit (Pen Name of Mandy M Roth)

    Winner #1: Lisa Grapentin

    Winner #2 Jessica Bowes

    Winner #3: Beverly Donnell

    Winner #4: Linda Henderson