Soft Release (Kindle Only) Strength in Numbers by Reagan Hawk

Strength in Numbers (Strength in Numbers Series)
by Reagan Hawk

Soft Release (Buy Kindle Early – Jan 15 2013)
Official Release Date April 20th, 2013

NOTE: Strength in Numbers Book One was previously released under the author name Mandy M. Roth

M/F/M and M/M/F Threesome Erotic Sci-Fi Alien Romance

Born into a life of sexual servitude and trained to please men, Sempia believes her fate is sealed—her virginity auctioned off to the highest bidder then life as a sex slave. She never dreamed her childhood sweetheart would resurface in her hour of need…or that he would be the winning bidder.

Now a seasoned warrior, Eterin is nothing like the boy she remembers—he’s all man and wants to possess her at all costs. But much has changed in the years they’ve been apart. Eterin has a new man in his life—one who wants to share them both. Sempia finds herself at the mercy of two incredibly hot and horny intergalactic outlaws who are dangerously close to stealing her heart.

Rating: Contains hot, hot, hot sex, an alpha male shifter, a delicious devi, adult language, and violence.


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The thunderous roars of the crowd shook the very ground she stood upon. So many had gathered to lay witness to the evening’s festivities, celebration of the coming of the equinox, that it was nearly impossible to get an accurate head count. Varying moons surrounding the planet held their themed tributes for the festival. The moon she was on was for one purpose and one purpose only—sex. All Sempia was sure of was that she was the starring act on this night. It was she, a prized virgin from a line of sex slaves, who was to be auctioned off to the right bidder. Her hymen would be broken by the winning bidder and her slave note would then belong to him as well.

The entry of a sex slave onto the market and the taking of her virginity was a show many sought to see. They took great pleasure in watching the slave being serviced by many before vaginal insertion occurred by the man who would be her keeper. Much time and effort went into the preparation of the event and additional sex slaves were used to add bodies to the mix, increasing the show’s appeal. The extra slaves were ones who had reached a certain status among coliseum goers. In some odd way, they had become celebrities of sorts to many. She could only dream of achieving such a status.

Long ago, she’d dreamed of a different life. One where she led a household of her own, greeting her bonded mate when he came in from a long day of labouring. A life where she would be thought of as more than property, but instead loved by one man—a man she’d selected already. He’d hardly been a man when she’d dreamed the impossible. He’d been a boy, barely older than her at the time. He too had been low-born, his options limited. They had been born to a life of servitude. And Sempia had wisely schooled herself to focus only on the future available to her, not the one she’d first dreamed of.

She had vowed to make the best of this life forced upon her. It would take her many years of sexual serfdom in an arena setting to win over the crowds in such a way. The odds of the person who purchased her note allowing her to continue in such a venue were slim. Most sex slaves were purchased for personal use and to be used to service the needs of those close to the owner.

Already the act, which would culminate with the taking of her virginity, was underway. She wasn’t involved in the beginning portions of it. The crowd-pleasing regulars were used to get the masses eager for more and on the edges of their seats. She had to admit, they did their duty well. From her vantage point, just off from the staging area, the crowd appeared very pleased. They seemed taken with one of the alien species brought in to spice things up. It was hard to blame them.

Sempia tried to look away but couldn’t as the Mantovian alien stood before the women in the ring. He was unlike anything she’d ever seen before. He had a row of four cocks between his legs, lined up vertically. They seemed to have a life of their own. Each one moved in a different direction, like tentacles. There was no mistaking the mushroom-shaped head on each of them. The rest of the Mantovian’s body was a pale shade of blue, most likely having something to do with the fact he originated from planet Mantovia, which was almost entirely covered in crystal-blue water.

Soft Release (Kindle Only)