Excerpt: Bella Mia by Mandy M Roth

Bella Mia by Mandy M Roth

Daughter of Darkness 3
Paranormal Dark Fantasy Vampire Romance

The sins of our past are never far behind…

On the run from two men who want her, Gwyneth Stevens finds herself at the door of a third-Giovanni Baldassare, master vampire and former henchman of her father, the King of the Dark Realm. When Pallo and Caleb resurface, all
hell breaks loose and old habits die hard. Out of time and places to hide, Gwen must face her destiny head on if she ever hopes to find happiness. Can the triangle of lovers make welcome a newcomer, or will the group succumb
to old enemies resurfacing and centuries-old grudges, allowing history to repeat itself?

Rating: Carnal. This story contains mega hot alpha heroes who aren’t about to take no for an answer, a gutsy heroine, a woman torn between multiple men, chilling villains, sizzling sex, and violence. It is not intended for the faint of heart. Author recommends reading the series in order of release.



Chapter One

“Check mate,” Giovanni said, his voice smooth.

I stared across the chessboard at him and rolled my eyes. “There’s a shocker!”

He’d beaten me three times in a row, somehow perfecting the art of annihilating his opponents in the shortest amount of moves possible. No surprise, he’d had almost five hundred years to master the game of chess. I’d had less than thirty. Guess who was better.

Twirling the end of his long, black hair, he gave me a wicked little smile. It was entirely too sexy, as I’m sure he already suspected. “I could let you win next time.”

I had a sneaky suspicion he had tried to let me win the last one, which had ended in much the same fashion as the rest—me as the loser.

“Oh, yeah, I want a pity win, thanks … but, no.”

He laughed and stood with the same grace he had in all his actions. He put his hand out to me, his gaze darting over my body as he pulled me up to him. My long burgundy, belled slacks gave the look of a skirt and the flow of a gown. My overly exaggerated breasts were pushed up towards him in the matching corset top. I looked like I could be starring in a late night soap opera.

For the supernatural and super horny.

Giovanni glanced down at the mounds of white flesh and bowed his head slightly in acknowledgment of my beauty. No, I wasn’t being cocky. He’d done it so many times over the past four months that I was used to it. Trust me when I say getting used to being treated like a queen is friggin’ awesome.

The first time he’d acted like that, I’d stopped and made a point to question his behavior. He simply explained he was paying his respects for being allowed to be near me. I laughed him off, thinking he was joking. I mean, come on, who would buy that response as the right answer?

Giovanni was one I was never able to read well. I knew all about him being a big-bad-vampire and I knew all about his role in killing me my first time on this earth. That was over two-hundred years ago. Wait, it gets even more confusing. He also played a key role in saving my life on two different occasions this time around.

Warning: Concentrating too hard on my own life could lead to an aneurysm.

Being reincarnated was hard enough to live with. Try adding the fact that ninety percent of the people I knew in my past life were immortal and still around. Apparently, I had a history, sometimes sordid, with each of them. Yeah, I was beginning to think I’d make a great movie of the week. If I was lucky, someone famous would play me. Doubtful though.

“Dance with me, Bella.” He made no attempt to hide his accent like so many vampires I know did. Giovanni had lived most of his life in Italy and made no bones about it. He was what he was and that was that. I admired him for it.

“Who is this?” I was curious as to what composer I was listening to now.

“Busoni,” Giovanni said, as if this one name declaration would sum it all up for me. I smiled and gave up trying to figure it all out. I decided to enjoy the moment. “Busoni, had a tremendous range of expression, would you agree? Not to the extent of many of the masters, but I enjoy him all the same. Pity he had to die. Such a mortal thing to do.”

I nodded, unsure what, exactly, I was agreeing to and smiled again. I wouldn’t know range of expression if it bit me in the ass. I also found little shocking about his comment on mortals dying. It was a sad truth. Giovanni was full of many of those.

For the first time in a long time, my smiles weren’t forced. Giovanni made me happy. Italy made me happy. It felt like home.

I let him put his hand on my waist and take my other in his. He led us across the marble floor in such a perfect, fluid motion that it felt as though we’d been doing it for centuries. Perhaps we had. My memories of my past life were sporadic at best. Whatever was happening between us seemed right.

My heels clicked along as I let myself be swept up in the moment. Giovanni had a way about him. He was sophisticated, yet full of humor and charm. He was so very different from the men I’d left behind four months earlier. He was also a great deal more dangerous. Maybe that was part of the lure.

He spun me around and around. Lifting me off my feet, he continued around once more before setting me back down gently. When he was finished, I was left dizzy, breathless, and clinging to him. I knew he enjoyed being this close to me. I enjoyed it, too. More than I should but it was hard not to appreciate the feel of his toned body pressed to mine. We’d been staying together for the last fourteen weeks and in that time he and I had never had sex or even shared a kiss. Horny didn’t even begin to cover my body at present.

There’s only so much Italian stallion a gal can take before she’s biting her lip and thinking of easing her own sexual frustration.

Giovanni was turning out to be someone I enjoyed spending time with. He’d been gracious enough to take me away from the chaos of my father’s–King Kerrigan, Leader of the Dark Realm–home. My father had been well meaning in his attempts at throwing an extravagant engagement party for me, but he hadn’t been aware that circumstances had changed. Caleb, the man I had agreed to marry, and I had had a falling out. My father especially liked Caleb, because he, like me, is a faerie. Being intimate with a faerie is a feeling that cannot be duplicated even with the most loving of partners. As much as Caleb and I seemed perfect for each other, the engagement went sour fast. He’d been running around town with other women and I’d been sleeping with other men. One man in particular that I’d chosen to share myself with had upset him—Pallo D’Alessandro.

Pallo happened to be a master vampire and longtime on and off again boyfriend of mine. Did I forget to mention that Giovanni sired him? You know what they say about the webs we weave.

“What would you like to do today, Bella?”

Giovanni had made sure to set it up so that I didn’t have to do anything on my own if I didn’t want to. It sounded very glamorous in the beginning, until two women showed up in my bathroom trying to clean me. I had had to draw the line and set limits then. After a two hour limit setting session Giovanni seemed to understand I didn’t mind living my own life or bathing myself.

“I don’t care. You decide.”

“My dear, Bella, everyday it is the same. I ask what you want and you volley it back to me.”

“Volley? My, aren’t we the hip vamp? Are you taking notes on how to sound like you come from this century?” I batted my lashes. “Oh, I want to see them.”

His smile widened. “Shall we try horseback riding again?”

I let out a long, exasperated breath. “The horses are scared to death of you. Why don’t you get some sort of demon-breed? Maybe they’d be less skittish.” The last time we’d attempted to go for a ride Giovanni had sent the horses into a dither. They were beside themselves with fear. They could sense he was a vampire and they were not cool with that. Hell, I wasn’t always cool with it either. Couldn’t really blame the things. Our planned night out ended up with me coaxing an upset horse back to its stable while trying to convince Giovanni that, no, I really didn’t need his help.

“How about tennis… would you like to play?”

This was going nowhere fast. “I don’t know how to play. Maybe, if you did you could teach me.”

Laughing, he threw his hands up. “Arrèndere—I surrender. It is up to you, Bella.”

“Can I ask you something?” I hedged, unsure how much I wanted to push him because I was positive his answer wouldn’t be to my liking.

“Of course.”

“Why is it you have a pool, a tennis court, horses and all this other stuff if you can’t, or don’t want to use them?”

A slight smile appeared on his handsome face. “I told the people who took care of this property that I wanted it kept up to date. They followed my orders.”

“That part I get. It explains some of the stuff, but not the horses.”

Coming close to me, he touched my cheek and his soft hands ran over my skin lightly. “Bella, it is you who liked horses. I simply continued to keep them around after you were gone. They reminded me of you. I used to watch you care for them and go for morning rides to see the sun come up. Though, I was not able to accompany you due to obvious reasons, I did so enjoy knowing you were happy.”

I didn’t know what to say. He’d kept a stable full of horses around for over two-hundred years because I’d liked them? It was too much even for me. I shouldn’t have been surprised. He’d kept a room of the house stocked full of my old clothes. Over the years he’d picked up things here and there that reminded him of me, even though I had been long dead. It wasn’t very endearing. It was weird.

“Giovanni, you’re creeping me out again.”

“I do have a tendency to do that.”

A nervous laugh escaped me as I glanced around the large sitting room. It was beautiful. In fact, it was the most beautiful room I’d ever been in. It wasn’t just that he had decorated it in antiques that seemed very touchable, it was how much time he’d put into every piece of furniture and artwork that went into his home. He seemed to have a thing for deep, rich colors in the main living area and more subtle ones throughout the rest of his home.

My gaze wandered to the fresco of Jesus tending his sheep. The irony of the devil having Jesus hanging on his wall was not lost on me. A vampire with the desire to have a holy figure depicted in his home—just another example of Giovanni’s quirks. Part of what made me like being around him so very much. It was also something I’d miss.

I looked back at him with a heavy heart. “I’m going to have to go home soon.”

There. I had said it out loud.

He moved his long black hair over one shoulder and began to take his jacket off. The man wore designer suits almost every day. I wondered if he wore designer underwear, too. Shocked to find myself thinking about him sexually again, I couldn’t pull my eyes away as his long, pale fingers unbuttoned one of the three buttons of the single-breasted black jacket. He casually tossed the jacket onto the sage-colored chair behind him. My cheeks flared red because only yesterday I had been picturing him nude in that very chair. The soft feel of the velvet and the ornate features matched him, so well. Having him waiting naked in it for me seemed like the perfect fantasy.

Giovanni was doing the most casual of things, yet I couldn’t seem to tear my gaze from him. His matching black button up dress shirt was open, down to his mid-chest. My toes curled at the thought of touching him. I was shaken. I’d gotten used to looking at men bare their chests to me since I’d known Caleb and Pallo. Caleb was a fan of the no-shirt look and Pallo liked to show his chest off through the wonders of designer clothing. Giovanni was a lot like Pallo in that respect, but he seemed to think more was better. I had seen him once in a mesh black shirt. It showed off his tanned and toned upper body, but I’d never seen him in anything quite that revealing again.

Moving onto my tiptoes, I tried to sneak a peek into his shirt. He caught me doing it and smiled.

“You have only but to ask me and…”

I put my hand up to stop him from going any further. I’d been the one to insist sex stay out of our relationship, but being next to an Italian stud twenty-four hours a day could make a nun second guess herself.

I’m certainly no nun.

“No. Really, I’m good. I was just wondering about something.”

He walked over to the side table and poured two glasses of wine, keeping his back to me. I knew it was on purpose. His tall, toned frame and long hair made him slightly androgynous from the backside. Thankfully, his shoulders were wide and his face masculine or people would begin to wonder.

Giovanni turned and handed me a glass of red wine. As I took it, my body reacted to his touch, heating, tightening, aching for more. Yanking my hand away, I gave him a nasty look. “I thought I told you not to use your vamp-mojo on me.”

His black eyes softened and the corner of his mouth dropped into a frown. “Bella, I am not using any mojo on you. I promise you that.”

If he was telling the truth, then I was in deep shit. Having feelings for him could be deadly. I knew that for a fact. I set my glass of wine down and walked towards the stairs. “I need some time to myself.”

What I really should have said was that I needed to put distance between us.

He put his glass in the air and nodded to me. “Of course.”