Excerpt from Denial of Service (Cyber Sex) coming soon from Reagan Hawk

Planet Fengaria, in the Bagune Galaxy

Admiral Jonas Myers kept a close eye on the brothel owner as he swiped the credits token. On more than one occasion the shady men had tried overcharging him for droid sex. This price seemed in line with the others and he’d paid for enough to know.

The brothel owner, middle-aged, balding and with a gut that didn’t quite fit into the shirt he’d tried to stuff it in, handed the token back to Jonas. “Last room on the right at the end of the hall. It’s the XT model you wanted.”


“You planning to invite buddies or something?”

Jonas stared at the man. “Why do you ask?”

“Because the XT model is for multiple partners. If you’re gonna have your friends fucking my droid too, you need to pay extra. And don’t go double-stuffing any holes. It’s a bitch if they get stretched out. Only one dick per hole at a time, got it? I don’t care if you tag team it but don’t double-stuff the same hole.”

Jonas eyed the man, wondering if he’d always been a sleaze or if this was relatively new. As he raked his gaze over him, he suspected he was born that way. “Got it.”

“You know the rules?” the man asked. “When you’re done, put the droid in the decontamination chamber to disinfect her for the next guy. No burning ’em, no beatin’ ’em and no takin’ apart to see their insides. You break it, scratch it or dent it, you buy it.”

Rolling his eyes, Jonas nodded. He knew the rules. They were the same at brothels universally. Hell, brothel owners had less rules when you asked to fuck an actual girl rather than their droids. Guess it really did come down to the bottom line and droids cost more than human women to replace. A sad truth on most planets, present one included. “Yeah, yeah, I know the spiel.”

The owner pulled a vial of serum out and popped it into a standard issue medical injection gun. “Arm.”

Jonas put his arm on the counter, allowing the brothel owner to inject him with serum specially made to help a man achieve multiple erections over the period of several days. There was an instant rush as the chemicals were absorbed into Jonas’s bloodstream. Warmth spread through his body, centering in his groin. His cock pulsed with need and he knew his walk to his rented room would be stiff and slower than he’d like.

He nodded his thanks and headed down the dark, dank hall in the direction of his rented room. The door to the room was wood and the paint was peeling from it. Spending almost all his time on space vessels and space stations, Jonas often forgot what wooden doors were like and wasn’t sure why anyone bothered with them anymore. He twisted the knob and entered the room. A woman spun around, her expression guarded at first.


Coming April 2013!