FREE TODAY ONLY (Feb 22, 2013): The following Raven Book Titles on Amazon

FREE TODAY ONLY (Feb 22, 2013): The following Raven Book Titles on Amazon

Seduced by Him (Billionaire Sex Club) by Elle Spencer

Wax Museum by Lexie Lashe

Let the Wild Out by Madelyn Porter

Securing Sara (The Beast Masters) by Reagan Hawk

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Spread the word. Let’s make this books hit the top 25 in Erotica today!



  1. Crystal King says

    Dear Mandy,

    Once again I can read some of your free title books as Amazon has the following message.
    I have a sony kindle which I brought back from the good old USA and now …. Just because I happen to live in the Middle East should not be the cause of this at least … I just to love to read your books and I am one of your most fervent fans

    Was trying to download Securing Sara
    Title Not Available
    Due to copyright restrictions, certain Kindle Titles are not available everywhere. If the country or region displayed is incorrect, you may change it at

  2. says

    Unfortunately, there is nothing we (Raven Books) can do about a country restricting access to the books, as we allow worldwide distribution through the distributor. My suggestion would be to email Amazon customer service, let them know where you are at, and let them know you would like to see the books in your area and have special offers offered there as well. We do our best to make sure the titles reach as many readers as possible all across the globe. Hopefully, as Amazon keeps expanding into non-US countries this will soon change for you. By emailing Amazon, it lets them know where you are and that you want them to broaden their services.

    Thank you so much and I’m so sorry there are limits to those outside the US.