Pre-Order Upcoming Reagan Hawk Books!

That is right! Pre-Order is available for upcoming Reagan Hawk books! Pre-Ordering is a big deal. Its something I’ve only had available to me a few times in the past nine years and those have been through multi-author NY anthos. I’m asking for you help in making this a success. Also, by pre-ordering you can lock in the low price of $2.99 and get the books instantly delivered to your Kindle the day they each release.

Do you love the Reagan Hawk books that I write? If so, you can PRE-ORDER Rescuing Reya (The Beast Masters) releasing March 19. Pre-Order today and get it delivered instantly to your kindle on March 19th. Its that simple. Plus, Pre-Ordering will help build sales and possibly help my pen name make a large list, like the NYT or USA Bestsellers–this would mean more people buying my books and me being able to continue to write more books. I need all of your help to do that. Thank you!

You can Pre-Order Rescuing Reya for $2.99 on Amazon here. Pre-Ordering is the only way to lock in this low price. PREORDER from Amazon HERE


Have you been waiting for Strength in Numbers Book II? If so, you can PRE-ORDER Space Pirates’ Bounty by Reagan Hawk (aka Mandy M Roth) on Amazon today for the locked in low price of $2.99. It releases on April 23 and if you pre-order it will be delivered to your kindle instantly on its release day. Pre-Order from Amazon HERE

Also, Space Pirates is MORE than 1 page–what Amazon shows. Currently, a Raven place holder page is loaded waiting for final doc from editors. The book will be between 10-15k, so MORE than one page. I promise.