Mac and Me

Many of you who do not follow me on twitter or FB do not know that I had a massive computer crash about three weeks ago. It was big. It was ugly and the computer was only 14 mos old. I use CrashPlan for online backups and also backed up to an external drive. Didn’t matter. I lost everything for a week–that is how long it takes to download 1.2 T from Crashplan with my connection and how long it took the Geek Squad to do a data retrieval of my system. A week might not seem like a long time but when you have 17 deadlines in a year and one coming up in two weeks from massive crash, it is a giant set back. HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! Also, there is the cost of a new pc so you can continue trying to work. The cost of new software for it all. The list goes on. Understandably, I was pissed and finally decided to try a MAC. I’ve tried them in the past but gave up on them because I use Office. I do not like Pages. I write in Word and Word only. Office Mac 2008 was terrible. Therefore it made the Macs I’d bought paperweights. Very expensive paperweights. Below is a snippet from my FB page on the update of my brand new iMac and me. :)

Update on the “Mac and Me”. Office 365 for Mac and for Word are VERY close. Gone is the lag from Mac Office and pinwheel of death that Mac Office 2008 had. Also, iTunes has a button you can check to keep your music in the folders/grouping you start in. So no more WTF all my songs are mixed up and all over the place. I did have to buy Tune Sweeper App for the Mac to get rid of duplicates and to grab all the music the itunes scan missed but it was worth the ten bucks because of the size of my music collection. I’m not new to Macs but I don’t use them as much as a PC so there was a small “getting used to where everything is” time period. About a day for me. Now, when I move over to my PC I have to stop and think what the keyboard quick key is. LOL. I swear to you, three days on a Mac (giving it a real try this time) and I’m already getting so used it and liking it so much that I’m becoming PC slow.

Already I’m considering getting a Mac laptop this summer for myself and moving off PCs for work. I added up how much I’ve had to spend on PCs in the last 3 years (how long Apple Care–Mac’s warranty would last) and the total would BLOW you away. Its ridiculous. That isn’t even counting the lost work days from it all, the lost files no matter how much I back up and where I back up to.

The saying “they don’t make ’em like they used to” really seems to apply to PC. Its sad because I’d always been pleased with them but the cost to continue to get them fixed and have to buy new when that doesn’t work is just too much for a small business person (okay, any f-ing one) to keep doing. It makes the Mac initial price tag worth it because it is a fraction of what I’m spending to keep the PCs operational and what I’m spending to continue to replace them. I will more than likely keep at least one/possibly two PCs at all times in the house but I believe I’ll be looking into moving my biz over to Mac.

My new backup routine is as follows:

iMac–Dropbox (I had heard people talking about it and thought they were full of crap about how good it is when you work on more than one computer or need to make sure your files are backed up off site. OMG, they didn’t do it justice), Crashplan, Amazon Cloud, SkyDrive through MS, Timemachine with a thunderbolt drive.

PC–Dropbox, Crashplan, Amazon Cloud, SkyDrive through MS, Acronis (PC’s version of a Timemachine like program), a slave drive and an external that syncs changes throughout the day.