Pen Name Book Excerpt: The Unexpected by Rory Michaels

Contemporary Western Threesome Romance

A Macon Valley Ménage 1

Best friends since childhood, Perry and Sean know each other’s deep dark secrets. The people of Macon Valley whisper of their deviant sexual ways—the fact they like kink and enjoy sharing women. But the town doesn’t understand they’re looking for that one perfect woman to fill the void in their hearts. They understand they’ll be sharing her both in and out of the bedroom and they’re fine with that. Trouble is the woman they’ve selected isn’t so sure she’s ready for both of them. Can they sway her heart and her mind?

Warning: This short story contains ménages a trios, explicit sex, strong language and cowboys who will melt your socks off. This short story also has explicit, graphic sexual content and is not for the faint of heart.


Must be 18 years and older to read. If not, please leave the site.
Chapter One

The faint glow from the wall light in the dimly lit hotel room cast shadows over the brown carpeting. Jesse wouldn’t go so far to say the décor was cheap but rather builder grade and cookie cutter. There was nothing personal about the room. It felt sterile in a sense. The walls seemed as if they were closing in on her. She clasp and unclasped her hands. Fear licked at her insides. She tipped her head and her long dark hair fell forward. She pushed it out of her face and tried to calm her nerves. She couldn’t believe she was about to do something as wild and crazy as this. This was such a stretch for her character she wasn’t even sure how to label it.

Her gaze fluttered towards the blond in the hotel room with her. Sean licked his lower lip. She found it hard to look away from the obvious bulge in the front of his Levi’s. Was the man truly that hung? She’d often wondered and soon she’d find out. The room heated to unbearable levels and she tugged at her blouse. What was she doing here?

“You still game?” the blond asked, a twang apparent in his deep voice. He looked so unsure standing there. Part of him seemed slightly predatory-like, the other seemed uneasy, as if he sensed she was on the verge of bolting and running.

Her throat constricted and she dug her nails into the palms of her hands. “Y-yes.”

“Listen,” he said. He stalked toward her. “If you aren’t into this, I get it. Perry will understand, right?”

Jesse looked toward her fiancé wondering if he’d object to what had been his idea to begin with. Perry’s dark gaze swept in Sean’s direction. She knew he wanted a threesome. It’s all he’d talked about for the past six months. He wanted more than anything to see her with another man and he wanted the man to be his best friend Sean. She knew from his past that he and Sean had shared women before. The small town she now resided in was full of stories of their past conquests. They were the talk of the town—each person whispering about the kink the guys were into. She wouldn’t be the first woman they shared but she would be the last. Perry had given up his wicked sexual ways when he met her and she’d thought he’d left the deviant desires behind him. It was glaringly obvious he’d not.

Perry pulled his shirt over his head, tousling his dark hair. He tossed his shirt aside and motioned to her. “Come here, sweet thing.”

Blindly, she did as instructed. She was putty in his hands and he knew as much. She’d come to him a virgin and he’d taught her things she never imagined possible. Still, this seemed like too much. She wasn’t the type of woman who shared her body with multiple men. But Perry wanted a threesome and it was the least she could do for him. He’d done so much for her. And she loved him. That wasn’t the issue or the question.

Sean moved out of her pathway. He made a move to grab his cowboy hat off the hook near the hotel door. He and Perry worked as ranch hands. Their jobs were hard and their bodies were proof of as much. They were honed and tanned. Delicious looking. “I can go.”

“No,” Perry said, his tone level. “Stay. Jesse is fine. Aren’t you, sweet thing?”

Once again, her throat tightened. She managed a tiny nod.

Perry drew her to him and his muscles rippled. “It will be good. Very, very good. Trust me.”

She did trust him. What she didn’t trust was herself. One too many times she’d gotten lost in fantasies about Sean. Perry was a stone cold ten by anyone’s standards. Sean was on par. It was hard to avoid noticing the two of them and it was equally as hard resisting the temptation of Sean’s green eyes. It wasn’t right to lust after two men. She’d been raised with better values than that. Yet here she stood, at the ready to let them have access to her body. The entire event felt dreamlike. She was trapped in a testosterone driven whirlwind and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to throw caution to the wind or get to packing.

Jesse took a deep breath and allowed Perry to unbutton the top two buttons of her blouse. Her gaze moved to Sean. Unable to hold his hungry stare, she flicked a speck of lint from her skirt. Perry caught her wrist and brought her hand to his mouth. He kissed the back of it. “Relax, sweet thing. Let us love you.”

Her breathing quickened and she looked toward Sean again. This time, he was closer yet she’d never heard him move. He pulled at her blouse and eased it over her head. Her nipples hardened to diamond like points as the cool air of the room dusted over them. She knew they were visible through her lace bra. Sean’s hand found one and he smoothed his finger over it. Her nipple flared to life even more so than before. Her breath caught in her throat. Already she was prepped to explode and he’d only just grazed her. Could she really handle a night of both of them?