The Unwrapped by Rory Michaels

Posted by Michelle M. Pillow on Mar 28, 2013 in excerpt |

Contemporary Western Threesome Romance

A Macon Valley Ménage 5

Buddies and lovers, Carver and Tony know they aren’t like most people. They hunger for more than any normal relationship can give. While they find comfort in each other despite the small town’s comments, they secretly search for the third person who will complete what they have—their perfect woman. The people of Macon Valley murmur about them being perverts—that their pasts make them damaged. Tony’s buckles to the pressure and nearly chases away the women they both know is the one. It’s up to him and Carver to right the wrong and to show her pleasure like she’s never known before. But she’s different from the women they’re used to. She doesn’t blindly obey. Can they break her before she breaks them?

Warning: This short story contains m/m/f sex, ménages a trios, explicit sex, strong language and cowboys who will melt your socks off. If you’re looking for long drawn out plots and sweeping romances, this isn’t your book. If you want hot, dirty, sexy and to the point, you’ve found it.




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