The making of a book (how I outline)

I’m a big fan of writing my stories in Office Word. But, I’m an even bigger fan of outlining, plotting, developing my character profiles and so forth in Scrivener (for mac or pc and no I get no money from them for talking about them). I’m a strange mix of plotting and flying with my gut when I write. I will know what I want to write–genre, basic storyline, etc. But I won’t know the characters until I write at least one chapter getting to know them myself. From this point, I dig dipper and create character profiles. I use Scrivener for this. I also use the program to break down each chapter and what I want/need to have happen in it. While I write I have two windows up on my screen–Scrivener and Office Word (I use Office 365 on my MAC but reverted back to Office 2010 on my PC because 365 did not want to show edit marks for track changing for me and even tech support at MS couldn’t get it to work properly).

Here are some screen shots from Scrivener of Theirs to Hold (Hazard County Threesome) by my pen name Rory Michaels–coming soon.


Character Profile Board