Readers, I need your help!

My sales for March and April have fallen and there doesn’t seem to be a pick me up in sight. With Mr Mandy still without a job I’ve dumped in all I can into advertising and, of course, I’m beyond worried about my sales. (Also, some of the advertising I was banking on was yanked because of the erotic content of my books–not kidding!) Instead of continuing to stress past the point of belief, I decided I’d be open and honest with all of you and ask for your help in promoting my books, telling others about them, buying ones that you might want to read, giving honest reviews and so forth.

Here are my pen names and links to Raven Books Author Pages for each:

Mandy M Roth Books

Reagan Hawk Books

Rory Michael Books

Kennedy Kovit Books

Thank you all so much for you help and your support!


Mandy (an erotic romance author who isn’t ashamed of the fact she writes books with sex in them)