Mandy Roth Contest Q & A

Mandy Roth contest Q & A

Q: I won a book by you but I know your situation with Mr Mandy not having a job and that you’re supporting five people… I don’t feel right about taking it (I’ve gotten this a LOT since Mr Mandy lost his job in Nov).
A: Accept the book! You won it! If you really really really want to help out, give it an honest review on a vendor site like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Reviews help sell books. They really really really do! Also, spread the word about the book to your friends who love to read.

Q: I don’t live in the US. Does that mean I can’t enter your contests?
A: No. I will state very clearly if a contest if for US Residents only. I have only ever in my ten years of writing had a handful of contests that are limited to US. I believe fully that my readers come from all over the world, my contests should be open to all over the world.

Q: Why don’t I have more contests or give out more free books?
A: On average each year I give away over 100,000 ebooks (no, I’m NOT joking and no this isn’t counting pirate sites). I send out over 100 print books–I do NOT get my print books for free. Every print book I have I pay for–these add up. I give out thousands of dollars worth of gift cards. I give out thousands of dollars worth of other misc prizes. I spend thousands on mailing everything. I only make so much money–I think you can see and I’m guessing most readers will tell you all that I do a TON of contests and that I already go overboard prizes so that is why I do not do more.

Q: How soon will my prize be mailed if I win?
A: I do mailings 1-2 times a month. If I don’t do this I’m at the post office nonstop and not writing and earning money :)

Q: I missed your last contest. How can I be sure I’m finding out about all you’re doing?
A: Follow my FB Author Page Mandy M. Roth and be sure you set notifications for this to ON, follow me on twitter @mandymroth, check my blog, sign up for my newsletter, I have a yahoo group as well that I do things at random on , and I do a LOT within my Street Team (these are a group of people who pass out my promo items, always help spread the word, give honest reviews, etc).

Q: Why do you tell winners if they don’t get in touch with you within 14 days that you will award their prize to someone else?
A: I don’t have the storage space/warehouse space to house prizes for extended periods of time. And I don’t have the manpower or time to keep checking back in.