The Unabashed by Rory Michaels

Contemporary Western Threesome Romance

A Macon Valley Ménage 6

Logan Kanuho and Albert Hargrove have been friends since Logan moved to Macon Valley from the reservation. For years they’ve talked of little else than finding a woman to satisfy their manly needs and to be a bond between them. Albert found their one perfect woman but hasn’t felt the need to share her until now.

Misty Hargrove doesn’t know what to think when her husband of one year cashes in on her offer of anything he wants for their anniversary. She never expected him to select a threesome with his best friend. Can these three see to their baser needs while also seeing to their hearts?

Warning: This short story contains m/f/m ménage a trois, light bondage, voyeurism, explicit sex, strong/frank language and cowboys who will melt your socks off. The heroine is mild-mannered and eager for a guiding hand sexually. If you’re looking for long drawn out plots and sweeping romances, or women who are tough as nails, this isn’t your book. This story has a very strong willed alpha male in it. This is a short story that won’t apologize to anyone for any reason. If you want hot, dirty, sexy and to the point, you’ve found it. If not, it’s best to move right along, this isn’t the book for you.


Must be 18 years and older to read. If not, please leave the site.
Chapter One

Logan Kanuho leaned back in his chair, watching his best friend make an ass of himself on the stage. It was karaoke night at their favorite hangout—Ackerman’s Bar. Albert was currently belting out an old country song. Since his twang was thick, he didn’t have to ham it up any. It was natural.

Logan snorted and sipped his water.

Albert’s wife, Misty, sat next to him, her knee to his thigh. She laughed as her husband hit a semi-high note. She reached out and lifted her soda, drinking from it. He liked that about her. She wasn’t a drinker. She didn’t get sloppy drunk like so many women who frequented the place did. Misty rarely drank. Logan never did. The stigmas attached to his people and the hard fact he’d seen too many of his people suffering from alcoholism kept him from ever entering that territory. Growing up on the Navajo reservation had opened his eyes to the harsh realities of life.

He glanced around the roadside bar. It was ironic he’d spent so much time in it since he was so anti-drinking, but it was his personal choice. He didn’t preach to others to sway theirs.

Albert swayed a little. He’d had too many. No surprise. Albert couldn’t hold his liquor. Never had been able to. They’d met when they were little. Albert’s father had done some work on the reservation and had brought his son with him. They’d become fast friends. Been that way ever since.

Misty laughed and the sound slinked over him, exciting his cock. He had to fight to keep from touching her. She was a vision of beauty. She was petite and much shorter than he normally liked his women, but she somehow ended up being perfect just as she was. “Look at him. He’s going to fall over,” she said.

Logan ignored Albert, focusing on Misty instead. “I’ll make sure he gets home safe and sound.”

“You always do,” said Misty, her hand moving over his.

Logan went perfectly still as her fingers absently caressed his hand. She’d been doing that more and more. Touching him. He closed his eyes, savoring her touch. When she squeezed his hand, he looked at her. Her green gaze wide and welcoming.

She cleared her throat. “Albert finally told me what he wanted for our anniversary.”

They’d been married almost one year. Logan knew. He’d been counting the damn days. He left his hand under hers. He noted the sharp contrast in their skin tones. She was so pale she burned at the suggestion of sun. He wasn’t. Far from it.

Misty swallowed so hard he heard it. “Logan.”

He leaned towards her. “Did he tell you about the crossbow he’s been eyein’ up?”

“No,” whispered Misty. She clutched his hand.

“Misty? What is it?”

She paled considerably. “Never mind.”

From her expression, Logan already guessed what Albert had asked for. He’d finally done it. He’d finally approached Misty about a threesome. Logan twisted his hand, cupping hers. He’d waited for ages for this. He didn’t want to blow it by scaring her off and he knew how intimidating he could come off. “Misty, we’re friends. Close friends, right?”

She nodded.

“You can tell me anything.”

She hedged and then eased even closer to him. “He asked me to… to be with you both.”

He’d have laughed at her inability to say sex in this situation, but he knew better than to. Misty was a sweet gal. One who didn’t run around flaunting her sexuality. He moved his free hand to one of her stray brown curls and eased it from her beautiful face. “He mentioned he might.”

“You knew?” asked Misty, her full lips forming an “O” of surprise.

He imagined those lips around his cock and nearly moaned. “I knew.”

“And you’re all right with that?” The top of her sundress pulled, revealing the mounds of her breasts.

Logan’s entire body tightened with anticipation. He wanted to fuck her. He had from the moment he’d laid eyes on her. She should have been his. That was the way of it. The plan he and Albert agreed upon years ago.

He put his head against hers and spoke low but firm. “Misty, I’m totally and completely one hundred percent all right with it.”

She gasped. “Logan?”

He grinned and lifted their joined hands. He kissed the back of hers. “I think you’ll be all right with it too, or am I wrong? Have I misread the signals from you?”

She tried to pull her hand free from him. “I’m a married woman.”

“I know. I was there when you married my best friend,” reminded Logan.

Albert kept singing, his voice riding over the bar as Logan stared into Misty’s gaze.

She stopped trying to pull away. “Logan, this isn’t right. What if this hurts Albert and me in the long run?”

“What if it makes you a stronger couple?” He refrained from pointing out the fact that once he had Misty he wouldn’t give her up. He’d be part of their unit. They’d be a threesome for good. Period. He didn’t want to scare her off from the idea. She was so damn skittish. It was part of what he loved about her.

And there was no mistaking the fact he was in love with her.

Albert ended his song and returned to the table. Logan made no move to release Misty’s hand. He kissed it again, his gaze finding his friend. “She told me.”

Sitting, Albert grinned from ear to ear. “Misty, baby, it’s the perfect gift. It’s all I want.”

She stilled. “When would we do this?”

The men shared a look. Albert answered, “This weekend.”