Raven Author: Excerpt: Slake by LA Brookes

Paranormal Shifter Gay (MM) Romance

Leo Morgan is a werewolf on the prowl and there is only one man who can slake his burning desires. Jackson may be an unsuspecting human, but this wolf gets more than he bargained for when a night of seduction goes wrong… and oh-so-right.

Rating: Contains graphic sexual content, adult language, and violence.


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“Evening,” Leo returned, keeping it cool. He noticed the guy’s eyes lingered a little longer than usual on his face before quickly averting Leo knew he was a handsome guy and hid his delight that Jackson noticed as well.

“Nice night for a ride. You bring the motorcycle?” Jackson asked as he waited for the bartender to bring him his change.

Leo thought about offering the man a ride right then and there, but resisted. He’d planned his seduction of Jackson carefully. He would not stray from that plan. “Yeah, only thing I have to drive. Even in the snow, I’m on it.”

“Must be nice,” Jackson answered. Leo heard his breath catch, nervously. “Just to take off and ride whenever you want. If I had the money, that’s what I’d do. Just me, a bike, and the open road.” He cleared his throat, seeming unsure as to why he’d revealed so much. “Well, have a nice night.”

“You, too,” Leo answered. He watched the man make his way to the door before saying to the bartender, “I’ll settle up.”

Leo absently grabbed cash from his pocket and threw the wad onto the bar top. He probably overpaid, but he didn’t care. Money wasn’t really a concern.

The bartender answered, but Leo ignored him as he moved to follow Jackson outside. He looked at the thick muscles of the man’s thighs, imagining the moment he’d be able to peel material from flesh to reveal his prize. A cool breeze hit him as the door opened, but it did little to slow the blood pumping in his veins.

He slowed his step as Jackson walked across the parking lot. The dim light flickered overhead. Leo made his way to his motorcycle, pretending to kick at the tires to check their pressure. The wolf inside him wanted to howl and play.

Soon. Very soon.