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Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Mar 26, 2014 in Hell If I Know What It Should Be Labeled |

I know that a lot of you have had questions about my Kindle Worlds series. I thought I’d take a moment and answer them here.

Q: Are The Talisman Chronicles based off The Vampire Diaries Show on THE CW?

A: Yes, The Talisman Chronicles are based loosely off the TV Show The Vampire Diaries. No. I did not rewrite an episode or give alternate endings to existing story threads. I introduce new characters to the world that interact and have certain story threads that overlap with existing characters. Example: You meet the parents of Elena, Matt, Bonnie, Caroline and Tyler, BUT you meet them when they’re teens.

Q: Are they short stories?

A: Yes. Each Volume is a short story that leads directly into the next Volume.

Q: Are they exclusive to Amazon?

A: Yes. They are part of Amazon’s Kindle Worlds Program.

Q: Do you have any control over the pricing of The Talisman Chronicle Books?

A: No.

Q: Is book one available for purchase?

A: Yes. It can be purchased here.

Q: When does book two release?

A: April/May 2014

Q: When does book three release?

A: June/July 2014

Q: Are these a serial novel?

A: Yes. The three short stories combine together to make one novel.

Q: Will you write more in the Talisman Chronicles Series World beyond the three books listed?

A: That depends on sales and how the books are received. Please remember to stop past and leave an honest review on Amazon if you get a chance to read The Talisman Chronicles!

Q: I live outside the US and want to read these books. Will they be made available to those in foreign markets?

A: For now Kindle Worlds is US only. If this changes I will post and let my readers know.

Q: What was the process like (writing for Kindle Worlds)?

A: Very smooth. I’m pleased with how Amazon has handled its Worlds Program and they spell out clear rules for writing within each world they have rights to. They’ve also hosted a number of web chats to help better explain the program.

Q: Why did you select The Vampire Diaries from the worlds available?

A: Because it was the best fit with my existing genre and titles and I felt it was the best choice to cross over into the YA market.

Q: I want to write a Kindle Worlds Book, what steps should I take?

A: Visit the Kindle Worlds website. You’ll find the answers you need there.

Q: Did you do a lot of research to write for The Vampire Diaries KW? 

A: YES! I had to learn the canon of the world. I read all the original books in the series. I purchased and watched all the TV shows. I took tons of notes, worked hard on lining up timelines and dates and studied the characterization of the Vampire Diaries characters.


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