Website updates, what do you want to see?

Readers: I’m considering a website expansion/ overhaul.

What information would you like to see included on my website?

If I were to make dedicated series extra information–what would interest you?

Author forums that are for one author only (meaning, if I was to create Mandy M Roth reader gathering forum) do you like them and would you use them?

Screensavers: Would you like me to make more of these/update them?

Blogs: Take them or leave them? Should I be doing more blogging?

Would you like more banners or pic tags of Rothheads/my books, etc, things you can share online for free?

Would you be interested in me providing an area on my website where you could possibly buy goodies? Example: posters of my covers, t-shirts, mousepads, bags, mugs, etc?


  1. says

    yes, yes, yes and yes!!! looking forward to all the extra info an a place to buy stuff…bookmarks that are sized for paperbacks and not hardcover books are always a good seller!