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Youngest born in a family of Royal Hawk Shifters, Rosi is used to dodging responsibility and doing what he wishes. He likes to fight and he likes to bed beautiful women. His needs are simple. He isn’t looking for a mate so when his meddlesome sister-in-law decides to divine his future, he’s stunned to find out he’s about to meet her—the one. His mate. In an attempt to outwit fate, he leaves for the human realm only to walk right into a party and find the woman of his dreams.

Lucy is hardly what one would consider outgoing. She’s the opposite. When her BFF drags her to a costume party that is more than the invite suggests, she’s mortified and oddly curious. As a too-good-looking-for-words hunk enters, proclaiming himself a prince she can’t resist the urge to be wild and free. They burn up the sheets and she thinks she’s found her Prince Charming until she realizes the guy actually believes he’s a real prince. Not only that, people want him dead.

So begins Rosi’s newest quest, make his mate see him as more than a crazed guy and win her hand—all before the enemy closes in and threatens to end the love he only just found.