Manic Mandy Mondays!

Manic Mandy Mondays header


Good morning, Roth Heads! This is your favorite minion, Jessica, posting to let you know about an exciting new blog series Mandy is preparing to launch. It is called Manic Mandy Mondays! *pats self on back for use of alliteration*

Here is how Manic Mandy Mondays will work: Each Monday Mandy will answer select reader submitted questions from the previous week. You can leave your question here on the blog or Facebook. We are excited about starting this and hope that you all are just a psyched! The questions can be about anything (within reason, we all know there is that one person who doesn’t like us to have nice things) from writing, to books and beyond! Mandy is looking forward to interacting with you all, so let the questions begin!




VA to the Queen of Darkness