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Vampires, Werewolves & Faeries...Oh My!

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Books by Genre (pen name titles appear on genre pages as well)




Werewolves & Other Shapeshifters


Dark Fantasy







Contemporary Western Erotic Threesomes (MMF)

Mandy writing as Rory Michaels


Contemporary Western Small Town Romance

Mandy writing as Kennedy Kovit


Futuristic/Sci-Fi Erotic Romances

Mandy writing as Reagan Hawk


Paranormal Erotic Romance

Mandy writing as Darby London



Mandy M Roth Books by Title



Mandy M. Roth Series *= not yet released
(This is just what is slotted and what is for sure. I have many, many more books and worlds either done or partially done)

Immortal Ops Series

Immortal Ops
Critical Intelligence
Radar Deception
Strategic Vulnerability
Tactical Magik
Administrative Control
Separation Zone * (coming Spring 2015, done will go to edits later this year)
Area of Influence* (outlined)
Desired Perception* (outlined)
Carnal Diversions* (outlined)
Zone of Action* (outlined)

PSI-Ops Series (Part of the Immortal Ops World)

Act of Mercy
Act of Surrender (Releasing Sept 9th)
Act of Submission* (first, rough draft done)
Act of Security* (outlined with a fast super rough draft done)
Act of Command* (outlined)
Act of Passion* (outlined)
Act of Engagement* (outlined)
Act of Pride* (outlined)
Act of Duty* (outlined)

Immortal Outcasts (Part of the Immortal Ops World)
Coming Soon!

Broken Communication* (Coming Dec 2014)
Damage Report* (outlined)
Wrecked Intel*
Isolated Maneuver*
Intelligence Malfunction *

Shadow Agents (Part of the Immortal Ops World)
Coming Soon!


Daughter of Darkness Series

Daughter of Darkness
The Enchantress
Bella Mia

(More to come in this World: James will have a book, as will Pallo, Caleb, Caradoc, Nick and Kerrigan. Possibly others but these are the only ones started right now.)

The Valkyrie Series
Voyagers * (There are currently 3 different full-length versions of this here with me. I’m trying to pick which one to do. One would mean more books with Valerie as lead, the others would mean spin-offs, but they are done and with editors who are reading through them to figure out which storyline works best for the overall series.)

Project Exorcism Series

Paranormal Payload
Force of Attraction
Point of No Return
Civil Twilight
(Yes, I would love to do more in this world. Christian’s book is dying to be written.)

Pleasure Cruise Series
Pleasure Cruise
Date with Destiny
Pleasure Island

King of Prey Series
King of Prey
A View to a Kill
Master of the Hunt
Rise of the King
Prince of Pleasure* (Coming Nov 2014)
Prince of Flight* (done, awaiting edits)

Prospect Springs Shifters
Blaze of Glory
Parker’s Honor
Clockwork Law* (50% done)
The Inventor’s Promise* (done, awaiting edits and me to finish Clockwork Law)
Gabe’s Fortune* (done, awaiting edits and me to finish Clockwork Law)

The League of the Unnatural Series
Pike’s Peak
Adam’s Angel
Loving Lars * (First draft completed)

Best Intentions Series
Best Intentions
Dance of Souls

The King’s Choice Series
The King’s Choice
The Advisor’s Apprentice
His Majesty’s Mistress* (Done, awaiting edits)

The Druid Series
Sacred Places
Goddess of the Grove
Winter Solstice
A Druid of Her Own* (coming as soon as I can get it fit onto the release schedule—done, in edits)
Dark Wisdom* (first draft is done)

The Zodiac Series
Pisces Phenomenon
Somber Resplendence
(I would love to write more of the Gatekeepers)

The Pride Series
Sin’s Pride
Dex’s Claim

Stand Alone Titles (from Mandy M. Roth & Pen Names)
(some will eventually be a series but for now only one book is out)

Crazy for You by Kennedy Kovit

Executive Decision by Mandy M. Roth (book two is totally written but requires edits)

Simmering Seductions by Mandy M. Roth

Wicked Lucidity

The Guardians (two books twos are written, yes you read that right, one with a child thread and one without. I’m debating between them. Then it would need scheduled for edits)

Red Light Specialists

Eternal Seduction (HQ Spice Brief)

Solo Tu (Only You)

Ambient Light

Demonic Desires (the boxed set sales have me re-evaluating this to make it  a series)

Loup Garou (This will have more books in it. I have some written but they’re not up the quality I want them to be yet.)

Last Call

Gypsy Nights

Misfit in Middle America

Warriors of Darkness  (the boxed set sales have me re-evaluating this to make it a series)

Tipping the Scales (the boxed set sales have me re-evaluating this to make it a series)

Peace Offerings

Mating Behavior

Their Virgin Slayer by Darby London

Trust in the Season (Christmas Vampire Romance)

Hunted Holiday: A Vampire Romance (coming Nov 2014)


Kindle Worlds

The Talisman Chronicles
Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three
New Boxed Set of all three available
Price’s Freedom (Ravenswood)

Reagan Hawk Pen Name Book Series

Cyber Seductions Series
Prepared to Please
Denial of Service
Programmed for Pleasure

Strength in Numbers Series
Strength in Numbers
Space Pirates Bounty
Bounty Hunters’ Captive* (outline only)

The Beast Masters Series
Trading Teon
Securing Sara
Rescuing Reya
Capturing Clara* (coming Fall/Winter 2014, done, in edits stage)
Binding Bree* (first draft done)

Masters of Pleasure Series
A King’s Ransom
A Knight’s Redemption* (outlined and ready for first draft to be written)
A Prince’s Captive*

Rory Michaels Pen Name Series

Macon Valley Series
The Unexpected
The Untold
The Unspoken
The Unforgettable
The Unwrapped
The Unabashed
The Unbridled
The Undressed * (outline only)

Hazard County Series
Theirs to Take
Theirs to Hold
Theirs to Tame * (outline only)

Kennedy Kovit Pen Name Series

Blazing Hearts Series
The Bet
The Cowboy
The Lover



A general guide for my books: (Keep in mind I started as an e-first published author, with small presses. My word count guidelines are from years of working for them.)

Short Stories:   5,ooo-14,000 words

Short Novella:  15,000-17,000 words

Novella:  18,000-25,000 words

Long Novella: 25,000 – 34,000 words

Category: 35,000- 44,000 words

Novel: 45,000 – 70,000 words

Long Novel: 71,000 – 90,000 words

Plus Sized Novel: 91,000 – 120,000 words

As a general rule of thumb, I do not like putting any of my books that are under 45,000 into print. I made an exception for Tactical Magik because of the demand for it to be in print. It is also prices much lower than my other print books.



Coming Soon


Young Adult Books


Mandy writing as Tempest Stevens


Sci-fi Romance

Mandy writing as Mandy Balde


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