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Contacting Author Mandy M Roth


Due to the volume of emails I receive I ask that you go through the Mandy_FAQs and the FAQ portion of each series/book page to be sure your question isn't answered prior to emailing. I  love hearing from everyone but there is no way I can keep up on email and write. I'm sorry that I'm unable to respond to all my fan mail. Also, I'm on Facebook and Twitter so I'm accessible there if you want to "chat" or say hello.





Did you review one of my titles and want to share the review with me?  Send it my way. Be sure to include the url link(s) to all the places you posted it (example: Amazon, B&N, goodreads, shelfari, ARE, Blog, etc)


Release Dates

The moment I get new information regarding release dates I update my coming soon page. It up to the minute accurate and if a date is not listed I do not currently have firm date. If you do not see a book listed there that you want to know about please note that I do not have any extra information on it at this time. Thank you.


Reporting Pirate Links

Reporting a pirate site?  Be sure to include the full url and title. Thanks for thinking they suck baby whale dick.


Report Errors

Find an error in my book? Let's face it, errors happen. Even after three or more rounds of edits the occasional error will slip by. Please know its not just me reading these, I have paid, trained professionals--who yes, sometimes miss something--they aren't robots. They're real people, so yeah, perfection isn't always a total option. Reporting an error in one of my titles? List the title name, format you found it in (example: ebook, pdf) the page number, the error (sentence it appears in) and where it was purchased. Please only submit errors for the newest editions of my work as the old editions are no longer for sale NEW anywhere and have been revised, re-edited and re-released.


News about me and coming soon

Want to know  when a new release comes out , what contests I'm holding or what I'm working on next? Click here to join mailing (email version) or here to join the online yahoo group newsletter. 


Mandy's contact info (sorry, you'll have to type in the address because of spam bots)


Soft Release Date Concerns

I am unable to change soft release dates. More info on what a Soft Release is can be found here at Raven's FAQ's





Mandy M. Roth

1739 University Ave #132

Oxford, MS 38655