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Mandy's FAQs (General)

  Find me on the web and always stay up to date on what I'm doing:








Each series/title page has a FAQ section at the bottom of it.


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Questions About Me/My Writing

What Readers Can Do To Help Promote My Titles



A general guide for my books: (Keep in mind I started as an e-first published author, with small presses. My word count guidelines are from years of working for them.)

Short Stories:   5,ooo-14,000 words

Short Novella:  15,000-17,000 words

Novella:  18,000-25,000 words

Long Novella: 25,000 – 34,000 words

Category: 35,000- 44,000 words

Novel: 45,000 – 70,000 words

Long Novel: 71,000 – 90,000 words

Plus Sized Novel: 91,000 – 120,000 words

As a general rule of thumb, I do not like putting any of my books that are under 45,000 into print. I made an exception for Tactical Magik because of the demand for it to be in print. It is also prices much lower than my other print books.


Where can I buy your books?

Each book page on my site has direct buy links to that title. Also, you can find my books at the following vendors:

Electronic Versions of my books can be found here



Eros Ebooks, Smashwords

Print Versions of my books can be found here


For a printable list of Mandy M Roth print titles click here (PDF)

Unsure what format you need? Check out this helpful website.


Will your ebooks be in print?

That depends on the book length. Certain lengths are too short to go to print on their own and require an anthology, be it series, single author or other.

Why are only some of your books offered for free and for a limited time while others never get offered for free at all?

I'm really amazed how often I get asked variations of this question. The answer is really simple--this is my job. This is my career. This is not my hobby. Honestly, its way too time consuming to ever be a hobby and if I couldn't make a living at it I would have to find something else to do and I would stop writing. That would mean, no more books in series, no more Mandy books at all. Frankly, I'm thinking that sounds like a dull world. So, in answer to the question, because its my job.


What is Raven Books?

A publishing house that is co-owned and operated by the lovely Michelle M Pillow and myself. To learn more visit The Raven FAQs.


Are you still writing for publishers other than Raven?

Yes, I write for Harlequin Spice as well. I'm also writing for the Mammoth Books as well.

I’m an indie bookseller and I carry your print titles why aren’t I listed?

Email me your info and a link to your website and I’ll list you.

Why doesn’t my local bookstore/library carry your books?

Damn fine question. Take the ISBN numbers of the print books you want them to carry into them and demand they start carrying them. When they ignore you, demand it some more until you become such a pain in their ass they do it to shut you up. Then, know you will have my eternal gratitude! J

I’m a bookseller and I’d like to start carrying your Raven Print titles. Where can I get more information?

Yay and here you go.



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Your releases have slowed way down this year. Are you still writing?

I am. I spent a large part of last year reacquiring rights to my backlist titles and now that the lion’s share of that is complete, I’m able to focus on the future.

Will you be continuing the series I love?

Depends on the series. Several series are being discontinued because of piracy. When too many books are pirated and not enough are sold I cannot afford to continue a series no matter how much I love it. If the book doesn’t sell through more books in the series cannot come to pass.


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 Want to know  when a new release comes out , what contests I'm holding or what I'm working on next? Click here to join mailing (email version) or here to join the online yahoo group newsletter. 


Also, I update my Coming Soon Page every time ANYTHING changes in my life as far as work goes.


What are you currently working on?

I always have multiple projects in the hopper.

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Would you be willing do an interview/radio show/etc for my web/blog/radio show?

I'd be happy to consider it. Email me more information.

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I’m having a charity event, will you donate to my event?

Donations request can be placed through the following email addy. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of requests I am unable to give to every charity that seeks a donation. That doesn’t mean I don’t care but I’m already heavily involved with charities close to my heart and give a considerable amount to them.


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I think we’re soul mates and I can’t live without you, will you marry me?

No, but my lawn needs mowed, my house needs painted, the backyard needs pooper scooped and I’m pretty sure I can come up with some heavy lifting for you. Thanks for the offer though.

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How should I promote my books?

I have a helpful blog post here.


Can you recommend anyone that I can hire to edit my work?

Yes I can. Rhonda Helms. She is an author AND she is an editor at Carina Press who also offers freelance editing. Also, Ruthie Knox.

More editors for hire (I cannot recommend any of these. It is merely a list I found online)


Can you recommend a good freelance cover artist?

Yes! Creations by Kendra! Great cover artist who also does work for hire. Also, Angela Waters, another FAB cover artist!


I’m an aspiring author, will you read my manuscript?

As much as I’d love to both time restrictions and legal restrictions prevent me from being able to do so.

Can you tell me your secrets of self-publishing/publishing?

Not really, mainly because I haven’t figured them all out myself. All I have to say is get out there and research the market and all you can about it. No one person can tell you the answers. Also, it’s not for everyone. If you’re thinking self-pubbing or pubbing in general will make you rich, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

I will say this. If you don't take pride in your work, your cover, the editing process (and not editing by you for your book or by your friend or relative who isn't qualified), your formatting,  your blurb, and your web, then how can you expect sales?


What tips do you have for aspiring authors?

Read. Read. Read some more. Research. Research. Research some more. Write. Write. Write some more. And totally embrace rejection. It’s a way of life for a writer.

I'm an author and want to self-publish my books. Will you help me or walk me through the process?

As much as I love helping out other authors, sadly, my expertise isn't in this area. I co-own a fully functional, independent, small, e-first publishing house. That means I out source--pay people to do many of the tasks involved in publishing a book and have many, many, many various contracts with them and third party distributors. In short, nope, can't help.

I have a story idea, can I send it to you?

Sorry, but no. Any story ideas sent to me will not be read and will be deleted immediately. I’d suggest if you have a story idea, write it!

Will you publish my book?


Can you recommend a publisher to me?

No. You have to do your own leg work here. You need to narrow down which publisher fit your needs and if you fit theirs. I can't help with that.


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Why do you also write under pen names?

Because the work is different from my Mandy M Roth books and I feel its important to separate it. Rory Michaels has books that are threesomes, M/M/F, contemporary westerns erotica. Kennedy Kovit is contemporary westerns wither only M/F and last but not least Regan Hawk is futuristic/Sci-fi Erotic Romances. Darby London is Erotic Paranormal Romance.

To read a blog post about my pen names, visit here.


Do you write full-time?

Do you mean do I work a separate full time job outside of writing? No. Writing is my full time job and I approach it as such. If you treat writing as a hobby that is all it will be to you.

Are you a pantser or a plotter?

I’m a little of both. The idea hits and I panster it onto the screen (meaning I just go with where it takes me to start with), then as it evolves I stop and plot it out fully.

How do you come up with ideas?

My mind is a scary place. I don’t try to look too hard at it for the sheer fact it would frighten me.


Do you ever use real people or people you’ve known in your books?

Legal says I should say no here. So, um, *no*.

What do you want for your birthday?

Hunky, barely dressed Italian males ages 25-35, who speak no English, smile when spoken to and look hot doing my laundry.

What’s your favorite color?

Black. (You’re shocked, I know.)

What did you do to lose weight? What tips do you have for me?

It took me 18 months to lose the weight and I fight daily to keep it off. For me, I ate multiple small meals a day (6), keeping my calorie intake around 1500-1800 and I walk daily. My suggestion to anyone trying to lose weight is to seek advice from your doctor. I’m no medical professional and I don’t want anyone dropping dead because they thought my way would work for them too.

Do you listen to music while you write?

I sure do. I actually can’t write without it.

What does a normal day consist of for you?

Wake up, make a cup of coffee, check email, facebook, twitter. Wake lil ones up, get them off to school and then write, write, write. Then I usually do some form of edits or marketing, phone calls for work and more writing.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

No. When I was little I wanted to be a performer on SNL. Now I’d settle for being a writer for them.

How did you meet Michelle M Pillow?

We were both rejected by an online dating service under the explanation that we were not compatible with anyone else. We then formed a cover band called Lonely Hearts Club Band. I was the front man, Michelle played lead harmonica. It failed miserably so we decided to try our hands at writing instead. *total lie*


How much money do you make a year being an author?

*I cannot believe how much I’m asked this* I don’t discuss money. I make enough to do this for a living. I don’t make enough to own my own jet, to have an entourage or my own island. Sometimes, I can spring for pizza. Mostly, I have to let others do that.

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As a reader what can I do to help promote you?

You can wrap your arms around yourself and hug yourself from me. I mean it. The fact so many of you email to ask me how you can help spread the word about me/my books is awesome! The best way to help is by asking your local bookstores/libraries carry my books. Another awesome way to help is by taking the time to write a quick online review of my books—Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ARE, they all offer spots for readers to write reviews. I have to say, it tickles me to no end when readers go the extra mile and write a review (good or bad). I understand fully that taking time out of one's busy day to comment about my title is important, again, good or bad comments.

Sum up:

Talk about my books online.

Post about my books.

Blog about  my books.

Put up online reader reviews (always honest, if you hate a title say so, we won't hold it against you... if you love it, say so)—It should be noted that The Raven Books already has a set number of “professional” review sites that it automatically sends to and we have a person in charge of this who tracks and logs all ARCs sent for review to professional sites.

Agree/disagree with reviews already posted on various vendors

Hit the LIKE button on my  titles at vendors

Agree or disagree with TAG words on vendors.

If you see someone is reading an author who is similar to me, suggest they try me (politely, of course... but we know this goes without saying).

Anything online is the single MOST important thing you can do to help me. Why? Simple, because the majority of my sales have ALWAYS come from ebooks. And with the market shift moving towards ebooks more and more each day this is becoming so for many authors. Not just me.


If you would like some promo goodies (bookmarks, etc) to pass around to your friends, local bookstores, reading groups and libraries please email me mandyATmandyrothDOTcom with subject header PROMO GOODIES. Include your name and snail mail addy in the email. I can't promise when they'll be mailed out or how many will be sent. It depends on what I have on hand and how often my personal assistant is able to get to mailings.



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I have all your ebooks and want you to sign them. Can you?

Yes. Follow this link to see which ones I can digitally sign.

Will you give jacket quotes?

My schedule is fairly tight. You can email and ask, I can’t guarantee I’ll have the time.  

I won a book from you in a contest, what do I do now?

Depends on the contest. Each contest clearly states how the winner should contact me.

I’ve found your books being pirated on a website, what do I do now?

First off, you f-ing rock for taking time out to make me aware of the illegal activity and thank you for NOT taking the easy route and downloading it for free. Secondly, you can send the direct URL to the following email addy and a takedown notice will be send to the site/server.

I found an error in one of your titles, what do I do now?


Find an error in my book? Let's face it, errors happen. Even after three or more rounds of edits the occasional error will slip by. Please know its not just me reading these, I have paid, trained professionals--who yes, sometimes miss something--they aren't robots. They're real people, so yeah, perfection isn't always a total option. Reporting an error in one of my titles? List the title name, format you found it in (example: ebook, pdf) the page number, the error (sentence it appears in) and where it was purchased. Please only submit errors for the newest editions of my work as the old editions are no longer for sale NEW anywhere and have been revised, re-edited and re-released. contact mandy


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