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What is a Vlog? Its a video blog. Basically, its me having fun most of the time and sometimes even being serious and answering reader questions. My Youtube Channel is here. Want to know the minute I upload a new video? Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and you will.

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Ask an Author Q&A

Medusa Mandy

Evil Queen and Princess

Vamp Mandy and Newbie Vamp

Witches: Wicked and Good

Evil vs Good

If we weren't writers we'd be...abducted by aliens?

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Video skits: Each section is listed in recommended viewing order.

Ask and Author: Q&A with Mandy M. Roth

Upcoming Conferences LINK

Pen Names Rory and Kennedy LINK

Quality of Print Books at Various Pubs LINK

Publishing at different levels  LINK

Thank you Readers LINK

Print Book Crazy For You LINK

Author Promo Materials LINK

Self Promotion is Bad  LINK

Do You Always Dress Like a Crazy Person LINK

When Mandy Gets Bored LINK

King of Prey Series  LINK

Pleasure Cruise Series LINK

Books to Movies LINK

League of the Unnatural Series LINK

Day in the Life LINK

To Plot or Not to Plot LINK

Self-Publishing LINK

Email Response Time LINK

Street Teams and Promo Teams LINK

Literary Agent LINK

Loup Garou Series LINK

Where do I get my ideas LINK

Books in my office LINK

What genre do I like writing in best LINK

What made me pick self-publishing LINK

Problems with what you write LINK

Wrapping up a book LINK

Did I always want to be a writer LINK

If I could be one of my characters which would I be LINK

Cowboys and Supernaturals LINK

Are your a robot LINK


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Medusa Mandy

Medusa Mandy Myths LINK

Being Green Ain't Easy LINK

Stone Cold Lies LINK

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   If we weren't writers we'd be...abducted by aliens?(with the help of Author Michelle M Pillow)

Michelle: If I wasn't a writer I'd be...  LINK
Mandy: If I wasn't a writer I'd be.... LINK

Michelle: PART II If I wasn't a writer I'd be...  LINK

Michelle: BFF Author Mandy Roth...  LINK

Michelle: Part II: BFF Author Mandy Roth...  LINK

Mandy: SWF Michelle Pillow...  LINK

Mandy: SWF Part II How Michelle's hair tried to eat me LINK

Michelle: Not everyone can be blonde LINK

Michelle: The NEW Goblin King...  LINK

Mandy: Goblin King Form Rejection...  LINK

Michelle: Hello Goblin King LINK


(start Alien ones)


Michelle: Michelle asks for paternity/maternity help LINK

Mandy: Mandy denies aliens, Jerry's looking for a date LINK

Michelle: Michelle starts alien uprising LINK

Mandy: Mandy gives MeMeMoop TMI LINK

Michelle: Michelle learns that foil does not really protect from aliens LINK

Michelle: Coming Up in October 2012 LINK


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Vamp Mandy and the Newbie Vamp (with the help of Author Michelle M Pillow)

Vamp Mandy Dating Werewolves LINK
Newb: get off air crazy vamp lady LINK
Vamp Mandy: Sunlight LINK
Newb: Not feeling well LINK
Vamp Mandy: Mandy Roth Vamp books LINKS
Newb:Hey vamp BFF LINK
Vamp Mandy: Fashion LINK
Vamp Mandy: Online Dating LINK
Newb: Mesmerize LINK
Vamp Mandy: Hydrating LINK
Vamp Mandy: Crucifixes LINK
Newb: hurts when I do this LINK
Vamp Mandy: Bring on the Tribes LINK




Evil Queen and the Princess (with the help of Author Michelle M Pillow)

Evil Queen Peace Offering Link

Princess -Loves Presents Link

Princess- Not the Brightest Candle Link

Princess- princess gets... smart? Link

Evil Queen Evil Queen Part II Has new plan Link

Princess- PSA Link

Evil Queen Every day is Mandy Day Link


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  Witches: Wicked and Good (with the help of Author Michelle M Pillow)

Wicked Wicked the Witch LINK
Good: Beauty tips LINK
Wicked: Flying Monkeys LINK
Good: lollipop fury LINK
Wicked: I'll Get You LINK
Good: DOD and apology accepted LINK
Wicked Witch Thinks Pink LINK

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Evil vs Good (with the help of Author Michelle M Pillow)

Evil Michelle: evil one LINK
Evil Michelle: evil 2 Mandy impersonation LINK
Princess Good Mandy: Bring on the Good LINK
Evil Michelle: forced apology LINK
Princess Good Mandy: Being Good is Easy LINK
Evil Michelle: evil diary one, bad apples LINK
Evil Michelle: evil dairy 2 bad children LINK
Princess Good Mandy: If you give a "bad" person a cookie LINK
Evil Michelle: evil dairy 3 bad cookies LINK
Princess Good Mandy: Prince Charming LINK
Evil Michelle - extra LINK
Princess Good Mandy Princess Mandy Needs Bail LINK
Evil Michelle: evil sleeping beauty bail money LINK
Princess Good Mandy: Back to Bad LINK
Evil Michelle: evil gone wild LINK

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Coming Soon Vids

Vamp Mandy: Ask a Vamp a Question Q&A


Wicked the Witch: Ask a Witch a Question Q&A


Evil Queen: Ask an Evil Queen a Question Q&A



Medusa Mandy: Ask Medusa a Question Q&A




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