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Book cover for Immortal Ops Book One

Immortal Ops

By Mandy M. Roth

Immortal Ops® Series, #1

Immortal Ops Team Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is having issues with his newest target, Peren Matthews. His higher-ups want her eliminated. He simply wants her. The alpha side of him demands he claim her–that is, if she’ll have him. After all, he’s what she fears most–a wolf shifter. But there is more to Peren than even she’s aware of, and the enemy is closer than anyone imagined.

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“Heart pounding, hot, great storytelling”

★★★★★ 5 Stars

“Ms. Roth just has a way with words that give forth emotions within the reader whether it be fear or love.”

★★★★★ 5 Stars

“Highly recommend if you want to get immersed in a world that will have you turning the pages from beginning to end.”

★★★★★ 5 Stars

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  29. Ground Training (Immortal Outcasts #5)

And more to come—this is NOT the end of the Immoral Operatives World. Be sure you’re signed up to Mandy’s newsletter for release updates on books to come!

Immortal Ops © Copyright 2004, Mandy M. Roth

Chapter One

Captain Lukian Vlakhusha walked through the halls of Immortal Ops headquarters, slightly disappointed to be back to work since he’d only had one week away at his estate in Maine. It had been a much-needed break. He owned nearly three hundred acres of wooded land that served well to keep who and what he was far from the prying eyes of humans. To keep him far from anyone being able to see what went on when he was home—how the woods seemed to burst at the seams with wolves whenever he was there. Or how the howls of packs of wolves could be heard for miles as his followers gave in to the moon’s pull and the need to run and feel the wind on their faces. And most importantly, no humans were close to see those same wolves shape-shift into human form when they were done running free.

That was a biggie.

He loved his primary home but didn’t get to spend nearly enough time there. Not with his current obligations and duties. Ones he’d taken on out of a sense of honor, not for need of the paycheck. He came from old money and didn’t require any more. The estate had been in his family for generations, and he saw to its upkeep but felt no need to expand upon it. The main home on the property was big enough as it was. He’d picked up a two-engine plane several years ago to make the distance between his main home and work headquarters a much shorter travel. He didn’t love to fly so much as he liked knowing he was the one in command of his fate, not some commercial pilot who may or may not have tied a few over before a scheduled flight.

Lukian tried to get home as much as possible, but work kept him busy. He had hired help back at the estate as well as trusted friends who came and went often, helping to oversee things there. His main concern was always his horses. The ironic part of it was, horses were notorious for being temperamental around supernaturals. He chuckled, remembering more than once in his immortally long life when a horse had decided it wanted nothing to do with him. Once while he was riding one. That ended with Lukian being unceremoniously dumped onto his backside.

Even with their unpredictability around supernaturals, he kept horses at his estate because he’d always been drawn to them, and while it had taken a while for them to trust him, they’d found a rhythm that worked well for them. They understood he didn’t see them as lunch, and he understood they weren’t at the point they’d let him ride them. At least not yet.

He chuckled as he thought of the horse he’d ironically named Gentle. It had bitten him several times already and had one hell of a temper. He couldn’t blame the horse. It had been a rescue from an animal hoarder who had barely fed it and kept it locked up. Now, Gentle had wide-open fields and food. And a temper.

Lukian grinned. The horse had earned its foul mood.

He drew in a long breath, missing being home more and more as of late. He had a place not far from headquarters, but it didn’t feel like home. It was simply somewhere he used to lay his head. It wasn’t what Maine offered him—the privacy and all the acreage where he could let his inner beast out to run free. As a natural-born wolf shifter, or lycan as he preferred, he had to be sure to care for his beast side or run the risk of it overpowering him. He’d seen it happen to countless alpha males who thought they had a handle on their animal side, and it wasn’t pretty.

He’d even had to hunt and put a number of those males down in his lifetime.

His chest tightened at the thought of it. He hated that side of the job. Hated having to kill his own kind.

Don’t go there mentally, he thought. If he dared to let himself enter that dark headspace, he’d not recover. And in the end it would be others hunting him. Others stopping him from doing harm.

For now, he needed to remain calm and be thankful for the limited downtime he’d been granted. The lull before the storm. He and his men had worked long hours and months before they’d been given some leave. The break had been much needed, but not nearly long enough. He could have used another few weeks. It would take him at least that long to get Gentle to quit trying to take a chunk out of him.

He laughed softly.

It might take longer.

An announcement played overhead through the sound system, letting the men know of an update in the Middle East. The state of affairs from all over the world were monitored at the facility and every detail was shared with them, as if they alone could right all the wrongs.

The report had barely finished before another started. I-Ops HQ didn’t provide much in the way of peace and quiet.

He sighed, missing the silence the time away had provided. The entire week away had been relaxing. No demands from those who were under him.

No weapons.

No violence.

Nothing but peace and solitude.

His primal instincts to hunt and kill were somehow sated when he was able to shift forms and run free. It was one of only a few activities that seemed to keep the beast at bay. Sex was another, but it often came with strings of attachment. Women always wanted more than he could give. They wanted a future with him. That wasn’t an option. He wasn’t a fish to be caught.

Nope. I’m a free agent and damn happy to be one, he thought with a grin.

He’d seen pack members meet their mates, and it left them testosterone-driven nutcases. That just wasn’t for him. He didn’t have time to grovel after some dame in a skirt. He had missions to worry about.

Not pussy.

That came easy enough.

Working helped to a degree as well. It kept him busy. He loved his job, he really did, but there were times it ate at his soul. What he and his team saw on a daily basis could give a normal man nightmares. Lukian was hardly normal. He also wasn’t human. When he was young, he’d longed to be like the mortals. He’d wanted to blend with them, instead of hiding who and what he truly was—a creature humans thought existed only in fiction and fables. With age came wisdom and acceptance of things he could not change.

Though he found himself still envying humans to some degree. They lived in total ignorance to what went on around them in the world. They bought into whatever lie their governments or religious leaders spoon-fed them, and they seemed relieved to have stories of weather balloons in place of aliens. Hell, they had a show dedicated to the search for Bigfoot, yet all around them supernatural wonders existed. There was a naiveté about them that was appealing to an extent. It did border on stupid, so there was the issue of the fine line.

He shrugged. No use thinking about it anymore, as it could not be changed, and he was what he was—part man, part beast. A lycan or man who could shift into a wolf and who had been born that way, not infected with the virus that created werewolves or other werecreatures. Lukian wasn’t just any old lycan either. No. Lukian’s bloodline was royal, leaving him in charge of the wolves in North America.

If only he’d taken to the political side of it all. He held the title of king but did little in the way of day-to-day needs the position required. He left that up to his advisers, who convened monthly at his home in Maine and then returned to their homes across the states, on call when need be. Lukian bucked the system and tradition. He chose instead to work—something his uncles still couldn’t wrap their minds around. All of his uncles were on his advisory panel, and most were tolerant of his new ways, but one wasn’t. One seemed to make it his mission to stand in opposition to everything Lukian tried to do as far as ruling.

Dick, he thought as he continued down the hall.

He rubbed his palms against his cloth-covered thigh, his body ready for a good run in the woods. The wolf side of him longed for the freedom to do as it pleased. What it was born to do. Wisely, the grounds of Headquarters were kept stocked with wild game. It was better he and his men hunt for animals rather than humans. That never went over well and always left more paperwork than anyone wanted to bother with.


CW: Mandy M. Roth books as well as her pen name books contain mature content, graphic violence, and are not suitable for all ages. 

  • Shifter Romance
  • Vampire Romance
  • Sci-Fi Romance
  • Military Romance
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Fated Mates
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Forced Proximity
  • Blind Date
  • Alpha Hero
Book cover for Immortal Ops Book One

Immortal Ops

Book cover for Critical Intelligence

Critical Intelligence

Book cover for Radar Deception

Radar Deception

Book cover for Strategic Vulnerability

Strategic Vulnerability

Book cover for Tactical Magik

Tactical Magik

Book cover for Administrative Control

Administrative Control

Book cover for Separation Zone

Separation Zone

Area of Influence Cover Art

Area of Influence

They're the best of the best, elite, skilled paramilitary operatives who are more than human. These genetically altered, shape-shifting alpha males go on harrowing missions as they fight to protect the innocent while waging an inner war against the beasts they share their bodies with. When they meet their fated mates, all bets are off. The books are spicy and full of action, sex, danger, romance, and paranormal elements. Each book in The Immoral Operatives' Overall World is a standalone novel, with a different couple in each book. Each has a HEA and no cliffhangers.

Immortal Ops® Series:

Book #1: Immortal Ops
Book #2: Critical Intelligence
Book #3: Radar Deception
Book #4: Strategic Vulnerability
Book #5: Tactical Magik
Book #6: Administrative Control
Book #7: Separation Zone
Book #8: Area of Influence

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NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author