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Act of Surrender (PSI/Immortal Ops)


View to a Kill: Bird Shifter (King of Prey 1)


Administrative Control (Immortal Ops Book 6)









Prince of Pleasure (King of Prey 5)


Hunted Holiday: A Vampire Romance

Broken Communication


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Prince of Pleasure (King of Prey 5)


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I loved The Immortal Ops World books and want to know if more books are planned for it and when are they coming out? If so, what books are releasing in 2014?


Administrative Control--July

Act of Surrender-- Aug

Separation Zone--Jan/Feb 2015


Yes, MORE will release in 2015


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To the readers who have taken time out to review my titles at various places around the web, thank you. And yes, this thank you also extends to readers who didn’t care much for what they read. And to those who did enjoy what you read and wanted to be sure others knew, I thank you as well. When people take time out of their busy days to comment on one of my titles I do appreciate it. Thanks… you are ALL full of awesome-y goodness.