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Interstellar Alphas Series

Interstellar Alphas Series

Supernaturals, shifters, vampires, and alpha-males collide in the Interstellar Alphas series.

Get lost in the world of Interstellar Alphas, where supernaturals were forced to board ships and leave Earth. But things didn't go as planned, and they never reached their destined planets. Find out what happens to these supernaturals and how Fate still managed to right the course of destiny.

Interstellar Alphas Series:

  • Book #1: Sevan
  • Book #2: Bradi
  • Book #3: Jordan
  • Book #4: Stegian

Series: Interstellar Alphas

Sevan lion shifter cat Science fiction paranormal romance books
Bradi alpha shifter Science fiction paranormal romance books
Jordan alpha Science fiction paranormal romance books
Stegian Science fiction paranormal romance books

Warning: these are erotic paranormal romances that have graphic violence, strong language and a host of others things not suitable for sensitive readers are readers under the age of 18. 


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