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Where to Start

If you're looking for a new author to try out, Mandy M. Roth is an excellent choice. With an expansive selection of over 100 books to choose from across various genres, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. No worries! This page was created to help narrow the field for you.

Whether you’re a fan of paranormal romance, paranormal women’s fiction, urban fantasy, sci-fi romance, cozy mystery, or anything in between, Mandy has you covered. Mandy's extensive library has something for everyone, from heart-racing mysteries to gripping paranormal romance.

With select books available in ebook, paperback, audiobook, and hardback formats, it's easy to find the format you love. Mandy's ebooks are available at all major book vendors. Don't miss out on the chance to discover a new favorite author – start exploring Mandy M. Roth's books today!

Just be warned, her books are known to be addictive.

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Getting Started

Paranormal Women's Fiction Romance Books

Grimm Cove Series

Out of ducks to give? Sick to f-ing death of reading about 20-something heroines? Want to sink your teeth into a book with a heroine who is forty, newly divorced, about to get a second chance at a first love, and who finds out she’s a witch, and her boy-toy is a wolf-shifter? If so, Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft is for you! It's book one in Mandy's USA TODAY bestselling series Grimm Cove.


Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft (Grimm Cove #1)

Fate has given me a second chance at the happiness I once knew in the odd Southern town of Grimm Cove. But only if I can come to terms with some rather eye-opening revelations. Supernaturals are a real thing. I’m a witch. My high school sweetheart, who happens to be the Chief of Police in Grimm Cove, is my fated mate and a wolf-shifter. Ghosts exist and can be very nosy and meddlesome. Someone is murdering witches left and right. And last but not least, my ex-husband’s barely legal arm candy is taking fatal attraction to new levels of Hell.

Paranormal Romance: Shifter & Vampire Books

The Immortal Ops Series World

The Immortal Operatives Series World is made up of a number of series (currently five with more to come). Each book follows a new couple and has a HEA. They are all very spicy reads with action, violence, gore, the works. Know that going in.

  1. The Immortal Ops (the one that started it all back in 2004)
  2. PSI-Ops
  3. Immortal Outcasts
  4. Shadow Agents
  5. Crimson Ops 

You can start at the very beginning with book one of the Immortal Ops series or you can jump ahead to book one of the PSI-Ops series. It's easy to go back to the start if you like. Each series within the overall world is set up to be an entrance point. If you're looking for the overall world's suggested reading order, you can find it by clicking here.

Book cover for Immortal Ops Book One

Immortal Ops (Immortal Ops Series, #1)

Immortal Ops Team Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is having issues with his newest target, Peren Matthews. His higher-ups want her eliminated. He simply wants her. The alpha side of him demands he claim her–that is, if she’ll have him. After all, he’s what she fears most–a wolf shifter. But there is more to Peren than even she’s aware of and the enemy is closer than anyone imagined.

This book has explicit sex, open door sex scenes, action, violence, the works.

Act of Mercy paranormal military shapeshifter vampire special forces genetic engineering alpha male romance book science

Act of Mercy (PSI-Ops, #1)

Paranormal Security and Intelligence Operative Duke Marlow has a new mission: find, interrogate and possibly eliminate the target—Mercy Deluca. He knows looks can be deceiving, but it’s hard to believe the beautifully quirky woman running around in a superhero t-shirt is a viable threat. The sexy little biomedical engineer quickly proves she is more than he bargained for and Intel has it all wrong—she’s not the enemy. Far from it. Intel also forgot to mention one vital piece of information—she’s Duke’s mate. This immortal alpha werewolf doesn’t take kindly to her being in danger.

Immortal Outcasts #1
Book cover for Broken Communication

Broken Communication

Shadow Agents #1
Book cover for Wolfs Surrender

Wolf's Surrender

Crimson Ops #1
Book cover for Midnight Echoes

Midnight Echoes

Paranormal Romance: Shifter (Bird)

King of Prey 2023 Cover72LG

King of Prey (King of Prey #1)

In a place where realms combine and portals open passages to the unknown, a prophecy speaks of fertility being restored to his people through the taking of King Kabril’s mate. The prophecy neglects to mention she lacks something vital to his kind—wings. Kabril, King of the Buteos Regalis has no interest in taking a human mate. Never did he expect to find love on a planet with one moon, people who lack wings and a stubborn vixen who makes his heart soar. When he does, he fears the truth about who and what he truly is will steal it away. Little does he know his enemies fully intend on doing the taking.

King of Prey series reading order:
  • Book #1: King of Prey
  • Book #2: A View to a Kill
  • Book #3: Master of the Hunt
  • Book #4: Rise of the King
  • Book #5: Prince of Pleasure
  • Book #6: Prince of Flight
  • Book #7: Under His Wing

Paranormal Romance: Immortal Highlander Druids

Sacred Places 2023 cover art

Sacred Places (Druid Series #1)

Coyle O’Caha, a seven-hundred-year-old, immortal druid sorcerer, has one claim to fame—his experience mentoring fledgling witches. Three years ago, he found his soulmate, Deri Sullivan. With Deri haunting his dreams, he can no longer wait to claim her. He’s tired of waiting for her to fall for his charms and see that he’s the man for her. Of course, that’s easier said than done since Deri is immune to both his charm and magik.

Druid series reading order:
  • Book #1: Sacred Places
  • Book #2: Goddess of the Grove
  • Book #3: Winter Solstice
  • Book #4: A Druid of Her Own
  • Book #5: Seduced by the Highland Werewolf

Paranormal Romance: Cozy PNR Mystery 

Not in the mood for f-bombs, explicit sexy times, or gore? In the mood for laughs, steamy (without being explicit) romance, shifters, hunters, the devil, crazy townsfolk, and a Kraken? Then Hugh, Curt, Petey, Luc, and the gang are just what the cozy doctor ordered! Once Hunted, Twice Shy will introduce you to the gang

Once Hunted, Twice Shy Happily Everlasting Cozy Mystery Romance

Once Hunted, Twice Shy (Everlasting/Bewitchingly #1)

Wolf shifter Hugh Lupine simply wants to make it through the month and win the bet he has with his best friend. He’s not looking to date anyone, or to solve a murder, but when a breath taking beauty runs him over (literally) he’s left no choice but to take notice of the quirky, sassy newcomer. She’d be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact she’s the granddaughter of the local supernatural hunter. Even if he can set aside his feelings about her family, Penelope is his complete opposite in all ways.

Suggested reading order for the cozies:
  • Once Hunted, Twice Shy
  • Total Eclipse of the Hunt
  • Don’t Stop Bewitching
  • An Everlasting Christmas
  • Everybody Wants to Rune the World
  • Do You Really Want to Haunt Me?

Urban Fantasy

In the mood for gritty books with kick-ass chicks and alpha males who fall hard for them? Try out Mandy's Urban Fantasy Romances! 

Tempting Fate Series

Loup Garou Tempting Fate new cover art 2023

Loup Garou (Tempting Fate #1)

Rockstars, dark princes, werewolves, vampires, and fated mates… what is a girl to do?

Lindsay Willows craves a simple life. One where she can make a difference without drawing too much attention to herself. As the daughter of both a vampire and a fae, the cards were already stacked against her. Finding out she’s the supposed mate of a dark fae prince doesn’t help matters. Especially when there are those who will stop at nothing to prevent her from mating with a prince she’s never even met.

The Guardians Series

Crossing Hudson new cover art 2023

The Guardians (The Guardians #1)

Butt-kicking Guardian, Madelyn Mason, is the only female in a sea of supernatural males. College student by day, she spends her nights fighting for mankind–the innocents, the ones who have no clue that the things of nightmares walk among the living.

Larger than life Hollywood hunk, Brady Devens, has won the hearts of millions of adoring fans. But, the only heart he wants to win is that of his mate, Madelyn. She hasn’t shown an interest in him as anything more than a friend, and he’s beginning to think the Powers That Be goofed.


NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author

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