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Cozy Paranormal Mystery Books

Best cozy paranormal mystery reads

Solve mysteries and fall in love with Mandy’s cozy paranormal romance series

Are you a fan of cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist? Mandy M. Roth’s Cozy Paranormal Romance Mysteries combine all the elements of a classic cozy mystery – intricate plots, lovable characters, and a dash of humor – with a touch of romance and the supernatural. Get ready to laugh out loud with the Bewitchingly Ever After cozy paranormal romance mystery series – full of hilarious moments and quirky small-town characters. From the mind of NY Times & USA TODAY bestselling author Mandy M. Roth

The suggested reading order for Mandy’s cozy paranormal mysteries is as follows:

  • Once Hunted, Twice Shy (Oct 2017)
  • Total Eclipse of the Hunt (Dec 2017)
  • Don’t Stop Bewitching (July 2018)
  • An Everlasting Christmas (Nov 2018)
  • Everybody Wants to Rune the World (Feb 2019)
  • Do You Really Want to Haunt Me? (Nov 2019)
  • Candle Me with Care (July 2023)

Q: Do I need to read any of the other books in the Happily Everlasting Series World by the other authors?

You’re more than welcome to because they’re wonderful, but they aren’t needed to follow along with Mandy’s cozy paranormal romances.


NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author

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