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Thunder with a chance of Lovestruck

NY Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mandy M. Roth

Thunder with a Chance of Lovestruck (Grimm Cove #5)

When Detective Drest Bright meets his newest charge, sparks literally fly. There is no denying the instant attraction he feels for Rachael Frankenstein. But she’s off-limits, and he knows as much. Her family has been a thorn in the side of the Nightshade Fae Hunters for over a hundred years, and they aren’t about to let him run off into the sunset with her without a fight. But if it’s a fight they want, it’s a fight they’ll get because this lovestruck Fae will do anything he can to be with his mate again.

Release date: Oct 31, 2022

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FAQ: Will there be more Ops books?

A: Yes! I'm holding off on putting up any more preorders until I have a handle on the ones that are already existing. But, yes, there will FOR SURE be more books in the Immortal Operatives Series World.

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Act of Freedom

NY Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mandy M. Roth

Act of Freedom (PSI-Ops #8)

PSI-Ops #8

Paranormal Security and Intelligence operative and wolf-shifter Dougal "Striker" McCracken is known for his wild ways and devil-may-care attitude. He's worked long and hard to build the persona. It disarms others and protects his emotions.

The ones he keeps buried within.

But try as he might, one woman sees through his antics. She’s not afraid to call him on his bull or set him in his place when the need arises (which it often does). He's not sure how to act around the lass. On the one hand, she makes his body burn with a desire the likes of which he's never experienced before. On the other, she's irritable, stubborn, not a huge fan of his, and most of all, vulnerable.

He might have already missed his window to claim the feisty woman. Even if he hasn’t, it would be wrong to give in to the pull he has to her when what she really needs is time to heal and process everything she's gone through. But it's impossible for him to stay away. Simply being in her orbit soothes his inner wolf. When the enemy makes a move against her, this Scotsman lets his wolf and his emotions free.


See book page for CW.

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NY Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author Mandy M. Roth

"Mandy M Roth is a true master of her craft!  Her breathtaking stories sweep me up, mesmerize and leave me desperate for more. She is my drug of choice!"

"Roth has the kind of characters and books that leave you hungry for more and stay with you long after the last page is read. One word sums up her writing style-addictive!"

“Roth writes from the heart, and her characters and worlds are guaranteed to suck the reader in and hold them hostage until the very last page!”

CW: Mandy M. Roth books as well as her pen name books contain mature content, graphic violence, and are not suitable for all ages. 

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