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Happily Everlasting Series

Happily Everlasting Cozy Paranormal mystery ROMANCE Books

The Happily Everlasting series: where love is eternal, and so is the laughter!


In search of a cozy paranormal mystery read with a dash of the supernatural and romance? Look no further than the Happily Everlasting Series. These books, set in the charmingly fictional town of Everlasting, Maine, are chock-full of quirky, supernatural inhabitants who love nothing more than causing a bit of mischief. Follow the wacky escapades of Hugh, Petey, Curt, Sigmund, Wil, Jake, Joelene, and the rest of the gang as they solve crimes and find true love in a laugh-out-loud way.

The suggested reading order for Mandy’s cozy paranormal mysteries is as follows:

  • Once Hunted, Twice Shy (Oct 2017)
  • Total Eclipse of the Hunt (Dec 2017)
  • Don’t Stop Bewitching (July 2018)
  • An Everlasting Christmas (Nov 2018)
  • Everybody Wants to Rune the World (Feb 2019)
  • Do You Really Want to Haunt Me? (Nov 2019)
  • Candle Me with Care (July 2023)


Suggested reading order for Mandy's Cozy Paranormal Romance Reads


Mandy Roth

NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author

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