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You will need to have a BookFunnel account to take part in this. It’s open to all fiction genres except for hardcore erotic. Keep the covers safe for work. You can have 2 books in it. Books MUST be priced at $.99 USD. These must be promo specials (so nothing that is .99 all the time). The books do NOT have to be holiday themed.


Sales Promo
This promo is for book sales and requires a sales landing page for your book to join.

Genres: General Fiction, Mystery & Suspense / Cozy Mystery, and Romance

Please submit by November 30, 2022. This promotion starts on December 15, 2022 and runs through December 20, 2022.

Google Drive with Images (you must be signed into google to view/download)

Promo Requirements

  • This promo only allows 2 books per pen name
  • This promo is limited to 100 slots
  • This promo requires full books, no sample chapters or excerpts
  • This promo does not allow sexually suggestive book covers
  • This promo does not allow erotica
  • Use the hashtag #DeckEreaders2022 when posting on social media.

Please share this promotion with your mailing list at least one time and on social media platforms at least twice during the promotion. Graphics are provided in the discussion link. Simply download the graphics and add your book cover to the promotional graphics. You can use them on social media and in your newsletter.

Google Drive Folder with Graphics:

This is open to all authors, so you can copy and paste this info in your other writer groups. The more authors we have, the better.

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