Mandy M. Roth® NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of Paranormal Women's Fiction, Paranormal Romance, and Urban Fantasy!

Nov 28th – Dec 25th

You MUST use the Apple id provided for each title because Apple has some duplicates of my audiobooks. Only THESE IDs are on sale.

Immortal Ops (Immortal Ops book one)
Apple: id1480602138

Critical Intelligence
Apple: id1480606534
$0.99 USD

Radar Deception
Apple: id1480607810
$0.99 USD

Strategic Vulnerability
Apple: id1539644188

Tactical Magik
Apple: id1480600939
$0.99 USD

Administrative Control
Apple: id1480605952
$0.99 USD

Separation Zone
Apple: id1539645047
$0.99 USD

Act of Mercy (PSI-Ops book one)
Apple: id1480604776

Act of Surrender (PSI-Ops book two)
Apple: id1480606920
$0.99 USD

Act of Submission (PSI-Ops book three)
Apple: id1480603299
$0.99 USD

Act of Command (PSI-Ops book four)
Apple: id1480604697
$0.99 USD

Wolf’s Surrender
Apple: id1480601271
$0.99 USD

The Dragon Shifter’s Duty
Apple: id1483592295
$0.99 USD

Broken Communication (Immortal Outcasts book one)
Apple: id1539642346

Damage Report (Immortal Outcasts book two)
Apple: id1539642360
$0.99 USD

Isolated Maneuver (Immortal Outcasts book three)
Apple: id1539645662
$1.99 USD

Hunted Holiday (BPI book one)
Apple: id1454394601
$0.99 USD

Heated Holiday (BPI book two)
Apple: id1454394772
$0.99 USD

Sacred Places (Druid Series book one)
Apple: id1435904173

Goddess of the Grove (Druid Series book two)
Apple: id1435859060
$0.99 USD

Winter Solstice (Druid Series book three)
Apple: id1435863747
$0.99 USD

A Druid of Her Own (Druid Series book four)
Apple: id1435865979
$1.99 USD

King of Prey (King of Prey book one)
Apple: id1435900660

A View to a Kill (King of Prey book two)
Apple: id1454454491
$0.99 USD

Master of the Hunt (King of Prey book three)
Apple: id1435853537
$0.99 USD


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