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Aged to Perfection Author Spotlight: Renee George

Title: The Age of Inno-Scents

About Renee George

USA Today Bestselling author Renee George writes paranormal mysteries and romances because she loves all things supernatural and whodunit. Her paranormal women’s fiction series, Nora Black Midlife Psychic Mysteries, came about as a direct result of wanting to read about characters her age who still had gas in the tank for romance, adventure, and the best friendships.

Renee George

Author Q&A

Q: What is something you hope the readers take away from your story? 

A: I want them to feel satisfied and happy, and I want them thinking about the characters and their relationships long after the story ends.

Q: What words of advice would you give to new writers who are just starting in the genre of Paranormal Women's Fiction?

A: Love women. Love older women. Give readers heroines they can identify with and aspire to be. Even with paranormal and fantasy, readers love seeing themselves or seeing who they want to be in these characters.

Q: Tell us a bit about your story.

A: A fun '80s-themed mystery event takes a deadly turn when Nora Black's psychic nose sniffs out a real murderous plot. School may be out for murder, but Nora and friends will have to find a killer to avoid a deadly detention.

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