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The Heat is On with “The Dragon Shifter’s Duty”

Today, we’re diving into the scorching world of “The Dragon Shifter’s Duty,” the scorching hot paranormal military romance by Mandy M. Roth. If you’ve been craving a love story that combines sizzling chemistry, supernatural elements, and high-stakes danger, this book is a must-read.

Meet the Characters

  • Ezra: An immortal dragon-shifter and Shadow Agent, Ezra is as fierce as he is loyal. His latest mission involves infiltrating The Corporation, an organization with dark ambitions. But when he meets Holland, his mission—and his heart—are thrown into turmoil.
  • Holland: A brave reporter with a knack for getting herself into dangerous situations, Holland is more than she seems. She’s a pyrokinetic, capable of starting fires with her mind. She’s also the “girl who didn’t burn,” a young girl Ezra saved two decades ago.
Book cover for Dragon Shifters Duty

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Ezra and Holland’s love story unfolds against a backdrop of secrets, danger, and impending doom. The Corporation is closing in, and our heroes must navigate their complex feelings for each other while also thwarting a sinister plot.

Why You Should Read “The Dragon Shifter’s Duty”
  1. Romantic Chemistry: The connection between Ezra and Holland is electric, making for some truly unforgettable romantic moments.
  2. Action-Packed Plot: From undercover missions to daring escapes, this book is a rollercoaster of excitement.
  3. Supernatural Elements: With dragon-shifters, pyrokinetics, and a host of other supernatural beings, the book offers a rich and imaginative world.

So, are you ready to feel the heat? Grab your copy of “The Dragon Shifter’s Duty” today and plunge into a world where love is the most dangerous mission of all.

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