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The Immortal Ops Series World has a number of series within it and is pretty big. I thought I’d take a moment to break it down a bit. The series within the world are the Immortal Ops, Paranormal Security and Intelligence (PSI-Ops), Immortal Outcasts, Crimson Ops, Shadow Agents, Paranormal Regulators.

Q: How, exactly, are they all connected?

A: They were all born from the Immortal Ops series. The first four books launched the entire thing. Within them, the other spin-offs were/are established. For example, you meet Missy in Critical Intelligence (Immortal Ops book two) and she’s an agent with PSI-Ops Shadow Agent division. That means she’s a solo op for the organization. And the Para-Regs were actually first set up in the Daughter of Darkness series world and they bleed over into this world.

Q: Wait a minute, Daughter of Darkness? I don’t see that on my Ops list!

A: I don’t include it because Daughter of Darkness is down from sale right now is being re-released next year (2019) for its 15th year anniversary.

Now I’ll talk about each division or spin-off in the Immortal Ops series world:

Immortal Ops:

These men are the team that the government genetically engineered to be super soldiers and who the government deemed a success. They are a “black ops” branch of PSI (Paranormal Security and Intelligence PSI-Ops).

Paranormal Security and Intelligence (PSI-Ops):

Think of this like the CIA /Interpol but with the ability to operate within the US as well. There are division headquarters throughout the world and there are many, many PSI-Ops. For the most part, PSI operatives are natural-born supernaturals but exceptions are made.

Shadow Agents:

These are the solo operatives in PSI. They do not belong to a team or unit. They do have a handler but other than that, they are on their own in situations.

Crimson Ops (aka Fang Gang):

These are the units/teams made up fully of vampire PSI operatives. (Don’t worry, nobody sparkles. Okay, that’s a lie. They once dumped glitter over one of the men while he was sleeping so he was sparkly for a few days as he picked glitter out of places he didn’t even know he had.)

Paranormal Regulators (Para-Regs):

Think of them like the FBI + local law enforcement. They operate locally but can also operate nationwide if need be. It is not uncommon for them to work hand-in-hand with PSI.

Immortal Outcasts:

These men were considered “failed and broken” attempts by the government when they were creating a team of super soldiers (Immortal Ops).

Q: Why do you have characters from one of the series within the world also appear in other series within the world?

A: Because they’re all part of the same world and often the agencies work together.

Q: Where do I start? The world seems massive.

A: It is. It’s a series world that had its first book released in April 2004 so it’s had nearly 15 years to grow and grow and grow and grow LOL

I highly suggest you read them in order of release for maximum enjoyment (you’ll find that list at the bottom of this post). But, you can also start with Act of Mercy if you like.

Books in order of release and in their suggested reading order to date:

Immortal Ops (Immortal Ops® book 1)

Critical Intelligence (Immortal Ops® book 2)

Radar Deception (Immortal Ops® book 3)

Strategic Vulnerability (Immortal Ops® book 4)

Tactical Magik (Immortal Ops® book 5)

Act of Mercy (Paranormal and Security Intelligence® PSI-Ops® book 1)

Administrative Control (Immortal Ops book 6)

Act of Surrender (Paranormal and Security Intelligence® PSI-Ops® book 2)

Broken Communication (Immortal Outcasts® book 1)

Separation Zone (Immortal Ops® book 7)

Act of Submission (Paranormal and Security Intelligence® PSI-Ops® book 3)

Damage Report (Immortal Outcasts® book 2)

Act of Command (Paranormal and Security Intelligence® PSI-Ops® book 4)

Wolf’s Surrender (Paranormal Security and Intelligence Ops Shadow Agents® book 1)

The Dragon Shifter’s Duty (Paranormal Security and Intelligence Ops Shadow Agents® book 2)

Midnight Echoes (Immortal Ops: Crimson Ops book 1)

Isolated Maneuver (Immortal Outcasts book 3)

Expecting Darkness (Immortal Ops: Crimson Ops book 2)

Area of Influence (Immortal Ops® book 8)

Act of Passion (Paranormal and Security Intelligence® PSI-Ops® book 5)

Act of Brotherhood (Paranormal and Security Intelligence® PSI-Ops® book 6)

Healing the Wolf (Paranormal Security and Intelligence Ops Shadow Agents® book 3)

Wrecked Intel (Immortal Outcasts® book 4)

Bound to Midnight (Immortal Ops: Crimson Ops book 3)

Out of the Dark (Paranormal Security and Intelligence Ops Shadow Agents® book 4)

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