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8 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Mandy M. Roth’s Books

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Here’s eight reasons why you should be reading Mandy M. Roth and her vampire, werewolf, shifter, and paranormal romance books:

1. Mystery and suspense are definitely part of her repertoire when it comes to writing.

2. Her fight scenes and battles are epic, and her villains have an extra layer of OMG to them.

3. Her characters are alive and realistic, often with deep-seated flaws that make them relatable and lovable in their own unique way.

4. She’s a New York Times bestseller, so you know her books have been vetted by millions of readers worldwide as worth the investment of time and money. She has thousands upon thousands of glowing reviews.

5. Her books are innovative, taking vampire, werewolf, and shifter romances in new directions while maintaining a level of plausibility that keeps them grounded in reality.

6. She cites her sources for her research, so you can see just how much time and effort have gone into each book she writes.

7. The romantic relationships between characters are steamy and aren’t forced. All the feels come alive with Mandy M. Roth’s writing style!

So, go ahead and pick up one of her vampire, werewolf, or shifter romances today. You won’t regret it!


8th Reason Why You Should Be Reading Mandy M. Roth’s Books – Her writing style is engaging and witty!

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