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Tunes and Tales: Inside the Writing World of Mandy M. Roth

Welcome to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creative world of bestselling author Mandy M. Roth. In this interview, we dive into the heart of Mandy’s writing process, exploring how she effortlessly weaves intricate tales of romance, fantasy, and adventure. Discover the melodic inspirations that fuel her creativity, as Mandy shares her love for music and how it shapes her storytelling. Join us as we uncover the symphonic harmony between Mandy’s captivating novels and the powerful soundtracks that accompany their creation.

How Music Fuels Mandy M. Roth’s Creativity

Question: Thank you for joining us today, Mandy! To start, can you tell us a bit about your writing process? How do you approach writing a new book?

Mandy M. Roth: Thanks for having me! My writing process is quite organic. I normally jump right in and start writing, getting to know my characters as I go. I’ve been blessed to naturally hit the story beats without needing to plot everything out in advance. In fact, when I try to plot, I often come to a standstill and can’t write at all. I trust the story to unfold as it needs to.

Question: That’s a very intuitive approach! I’ve heard that many authors listen to music while they write. Do you find music to be an important part of your writing routine?

Mandy M. Roth: Absolutely! Music has been a huge part of my life since as far back as I can remember. It sets the mood and helps me get into the right headspace for different scenes. I create extensive playlists on Spotify for each book I write, tailored to the themes, characters, and emotions of the story. You can check out my public profile to see what I listen to while writing.

Question: That’s fascinating! Can you share a bit about what kind of music you typically include in your playlists? Do you have any favorite genres or artists?

Mandy M. Roth: My playlists are quite eclectic. They range from classical music to rock, pop, electronic, and even some cinematic scores. It really depends on the vibe of the book. For intense action scenes, I might listen to something fast-paced and energetic, while for emotional or romantic moments, I prefer softer, more melodic tunes. Some of my go-to artists include Sleep Token, Two Steps From Hell, The Cure, NIN, and Florence + The Machine. Their music really resonates with the kinds of stories I write.

Question: How do you decide which songs to add to a particular book’s playlist? Is it based on the lyrics, the melody, or something else?

Mandy M. Roth: It’s a mix of both the lyrics and the melody. Sometimes the lyrics perfectly capture a character’s feelings or a particular moment in the story, and other times, the melody alone can evoke the right mood. I spend a lot of time curating these playlists to make sure they align with the narrative and help me stay immersed in the world I’m creating. The process is almost like casting a spell to set the scene and draw out the right emotions.

Question: That’s incredible! Lastly, do you find that your musical tastes influence your writing in any other ways?

Mandy M. Roth: Definitely. Music has a way of inspiring creativity and shaping my storytelling. Sometimes, a song will spark an idea for a scene or a character arc. It’s like a symbiotic relationship; the music influences my writing, and my writing influences the music I choose. Plus, music can be a great motivator. On days when the words aren’t flowing as easily, putting on the right playlist can reignite my inspiration and keep me moving forward.

Question: Thank you so much for sharing your insights, Mandy. It’s been a pleasure learning about how music intertwines with your writing process.

Mandy M. Roth: Thank you! It’s been great talking about two of my biggest passions. I hope it gives readers a little glimpse into the magic behind the scenes.

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