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Happy Friday Roth Heads! Please give a warm welcome to Sydney Addae! She’s our special guest today, so make her feel at home! She’s got some interesting things to say about Human and Wolf family relations! Take a peek and stick around for a awesome special prize! Have a great weekend!

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Tying Wolf and Human Families together in Romance

By:  Sydney Addae


While researching data for my shape-shifters series, I became intrigued by the similarities between wolf packs and human families. I decided it would be really neat to expand the world of the hero and heroine and incorporate a family into the story line. In BirthRight, the first book of my Birth series, I start with a human woman who had married a wolf shifter and gave birth to half-breed sons without knowing anything about the wolf nation.

That premise alone is enough to set-off sparks. But when you take into account how humans deal with marriage, (mating) raising children, (pups in a pack) and then releasing them into adulthood, (leaving the pack) an interesting parallel can be made. At least I think so.

Wolf shifters are social animals who care for their young and travel in packs for survival. When pups are born, they are blind and deaf requiring constant care in the den from their mother. Other pack members bring food to her so that she can feed the pups and remain healthy. That scenario isn’t that different from a human mother, right? Well there is a huge difference in the gestation period – 63 days versus nine months. And the pups can run with the pack at six to eight months, rather than a few years, but the some similarities cannot be denied. And it’s all fiction, right? Right!

So, the merging of a human family with a wolf and creating a different breed created specific challenges for me. First off, the gestation period. How long would she be pregnant with her half-wolf babes, yes this is paranormal romance and anything’s possible. Next, are the pups born blind? Deaf? What wolf characteristics would I keep? How long would the babes remain babies and dependent on their mom? Choosing which facts to keep, modify or dismiss helped me keep the storyline fun and fast paced.

My Birth Series starts with a woman in her mid thirties. Jasmine already has a set of twins who are adults and she is ready to spread her wings and fly. Sounds familiar? Then she meets Silas, who is the top wolf in the wolf nation, sparks fly and she gets pregnant. As a widower to a military man who was always deployed she’s not excited about raising another child alone. But because of the pack mentality, Silas has no intention of his pups being raised without him or his pack. The mixing of the two, wolf and human mentalities clash, meld and move forward.

Wolves see things in black and white. If you’re hungry, eat. Tired, rest. Horny, have sex, which opens another box of challenges between the wolf and human family. Although humans see some things in black and white, a lot of how we process information falls into the gray areas. For instance, I can’t count the times I have been hungry and skipped a meal for a variety of reasons, all which made perfect sense to me at the time. Or sex. No matter how horny I may be, chances are slim I’d grab the nearest male and start… well you know. Navigating these choppy waters in a story adds flavor because we’ve all been there. Wanting something right then and postponing gratification.

In my Birth series, Jasmine made it clear to Silas that sex in front of her children was out of the question, which surprised him. In his culture it was permissible for the pups to see their parents loving one another or naked. There was no shame involved. Of course Silas agreed to Jasmine requests, and bent to her human needs whenever possible to make the relationship work. Since most of us don’t parade around naked in front of our family and friends, compromises must be made even in fiction.

Despite the challenges, I believe a male Alpha wolf makes a terrific lover, mate and father. In both the wild and the house, these males prioritize the safety of the pack, the den and make sure that those in their care have what they need to survive. Few women could find fault in a man who put her and her children first, right? Therein lies the foundation of an Alpha wolf and his family.

With each book in the Birth series, Jasmine exposes her wolf mate, Silas, to human traditions. Baptisms, family get-togethers, Easter and Christmas broaden his narrow scope of life. Silas teaches Jasmine to trust in love again, and to accept him the way he is. With two adult children and four more from Silas, Jasmine is a busy mom who juggles her nursery, and tries to stay a step ahead of those out to kill her.

As women, we’ve multi-tasked for years, so wearing more than one hat isn’t new… but learning about a new world you never knew existed, and seeing your children in a whole new light, that would make a strong woman, blink. And Jasmine does that quite often. Check out Jasmine and Silas, in La Patron, the Alphas Alpha.




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TGIF! It’s Guest Author Time!

Let’s give a very warm Roth Head welcome to Andrea Parnell! She’s stopping by to let us know a little bit about her book Wild Glory! Enjoy the teaser and don’t forget to enter for the prize! Happy Friday!


About Andrea

Andrea Parnell likes to write about women who step outside the boundaries of their time and the men who make it all worthwhile with the depth of their love. Romance and adventure are key for her. She is the author of twelve books including historical, western and contemporary romance. Andrea squeezes writing time in between her duties as Chief of Staff to two cats.


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 Wild Glory by Andrea Parnell

 Colonial Historical Romance

Condemned By Desire

Amid the sober grays of her Puritan New England village, Glory Warren shone with a dazzling beauty that enchanted the men who saw her…and started whispers that she trafficked with the powers of darkness. The most lustful glances of all came from Reverend Josiah Bellingham, whose smiling face hid his devious heart. Accepting his marriage proposal would break Glory’s free spirit and demand her blind obedience to him—even if it saved her from being hung as a witch.

Terrified, Glory had no one to turn to—until young, virile trapper Quade Wylde strode masterfully into town and into her life. Should she trust this mysterious man whose kisses fired her senses with shameful desire? Or was she under passion’s spell, dreaming of ecstasy that could only be hers if she risked everything for love?



Excerpt: Wild Glory


“You do not learn a lesson easily, Glory Warren.”

With a shriek and a gasp, Glory bolted upright and would have thrown herself into the water and fled had not a hand gripped her wrist and held her back. She saw a bare chest and a twist of black braid and concluded in her confusion that fate had repeated itself.

“Unhand me!” she shouted and sent a kick flying at the broad and muscled chest. The blow missed and the following swing of her fist at the ominous dripping face resulted in both her arms being held fast. Shortly she was snatched from the rock and found herself waist deep in the water, face-to-face with her captor.

“Easy, girl!” Quade laughed and jerked her close against him and with such an impact that the ribbon fastenings of her chemise gave way, exposing the soft mounds of her breasts. Quade groaned, regretting the need to handle her roughly, but it was the only way to protect himself from a furious flurry of kicks, one of which he feared might do lasting damage if properly aimed. “You need not cripple a friend,” he shouted, pinning her arms behind her so that she was held tightly pressed against his chest.

Glory writhed against him like a caught eel, not giving up the fight until at last she heard the sound of his voice through the fog of her fear.

“Quade!” she cried. “Quade Wylde! ’Tis you!”

“Aye,” he said, letting her hands loose. “’Tis me or what’s left now that you’ve pelted me with bruises from head to toe.”

“Quade!” Glory flung her freed arms around his neck, tormenting him much more with her sudden embrace than she had with her ferocious kicks. “You nearly scared me to an early grave.” She sobbed and clung so tightly he felt every curve and hollow of her woman’s body mold against him. “I thought you a savage,” she whispered perilously close to his ear. “It was as before. You springing from the water the way the Narraganset did.”

Quade gave a ragged sigh as he felt a jolt in his loins. “Was a foolish plan,” he said hoarsely as she tormented him further by laying her weight fully upon him. A tremor he could not contain shook through the muscle and sinew of his large frame. “I should have called from the bank and made myself known.”

“Aye,” she said, twisting her bare legs on his as she struggled for sound footing on the river bottom. “Would have saved us both a bit of wear.”

For all the time she burrowed against him he held his arms stiffly at his sides, his hands clenched tightly against his tense thighs. When he should have pushed her away, he could not bring himself to end the sweet torment of having her arms twined about him. His plight was great. Should he join the embrace he feared he would not stop with a brotherly hug and kiss, and he dared not go beyond that mild show of affection.

Had it been only her arms about him he might have endured the storm, but the nearly bared breasts heaving against his shirtless chest, the warm fanning of her breath at his ear, and the silken feel of her cheek resting on his bare shoulder were more than he was equal to. Before he knew his motive his arms crossed her back, a palm resting lightly on the curve of each hip, and lifted her tighter against his aroused manhood.


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Wicked Lucidity NEW COVER


Wicked Lucidity has a new cover and I’m in love with it!

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Paranormal Dark Fantasy Shifter Romance

When Karri-Lynn O’Higgins is offered a small slice of normalcy, she goes for it unbeknownst to her following her destiny. She wasn’t looking for a relationship and she sure the hell wasn’t looking to fall in love.

Something about Riston Wallace calls to her on a level Karri can’t deny. He’s everything she wants in a man expect for one thing–he’s a nice guy. What happened to her wish list? Tall, dark and deadly? He got the tall and dark part right.

She soon learns that there’s more to Riston than meets the eye. Much more. In a world where sanity is as relative as what defines evil, Karri finds herself being forced to come to terms with her past and her future.

Warning: Contains graphic violence, sex, language and is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t like your urban fantasy dark, twisted and steamy, this is not the book for you.