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I hope you all have had a great week! Roth Heads, I’d like for you all to welcome the lovely Bryce Evans to the blog today. She’s going to give us a wee little peek into her upcoming book and let us get to know her a bit. Also, she has a giveaway! Don’t we all love presents?!



Alpha City, Book 2

 By Bryce Evans


Zoey Malone has it all. Her best friend is now her sister in law, and her partner in a new and thriving business, she’s treated like a princess by the members of her pack, and she’s found the man she wants to give her heart to in Kayden Lynn, Alpha of the Panther Pride. When business takes her to sunny Las Vegas and puts her in the path of Alpha wolf Johnny Ringo; she has to make a decision between the guaranteed security Johnny offers, and a deep soul-stealing love with Kayden.

Forced back to her hometown, and hurt by the man who’s held her heart for years, she and the rest of the Malone Pack are threatened by outside forces. Will Kayden be the man she knows he can be, and come to her rescue, or will his pride put an end to their future before it starts?


 Warning: Adult Themes-For Mature Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. M/F, graphic language, consensual sex, public sex. Approx.



Zoey pulled her dress down for the hundredth time. She loved the dress, but it showed more leg than she wanted it to. Damn Donnie! He had talked her into buying the dress saying that all the men would be looking at her, and she would have plenty of dates after tonight. Still, uncertainty crept up inside her. She lacked the most important skill a woman could have when it came to men, and that’s self-esteem.

Tonight was the night. She had promised London that she would flirt and have some fun by putting herself out there and allowing everyone to know she is on the market.

Zoey slowly opened the door to the Rusty Nail Pub. She had been here hundreds of times, but tonight was different. Tonight she was a new woman with a new dress and a new attitude. Only thirty seconds in the door, and she wanted to throw up. Everyone seemed to turn and gawk at her when she finally entered.

Donnie ran up to her grabbing her hand. “Now, don’t you look slutty?” Stopping mid stride, Zoey looked up at Donnie panicked.

“What? You told me to wear it. You said it looked good on me.” Zoey couldn’t help the hysteria coming out of her mouth. Her eyes widened, and her body went into flight mode, but before she could run out, Donnie got into her face whispering. Even over the music, she could hear what he was saying to her.

“You look great, Zoey. That dress is fantastic and makes your legs look like they could wrap around a man’s body for days. So stop and listen to what I’m saying. Yes, people are looking at you. They are checking you out and liking what they see. If I weren’t gay, I would take you outside and fuck you on the hood of my car. That is what I’m trying to say.” Zoey stared up at her friend and couldn’t stop the giggles as Donnie’s comment sunk in. Then Donnie started laughing with her.

“You whore.” Zoey snorted out.

“You slut.” Donnie responded, as he broke out in a fit of giggles with Zoey.

“What are you two laughing about?” London asked as she walked up to her two best friends.

“Nothing. Just getting our little girl here in the right frame of mind.” Donnie looked down at Zoey. “Now, think like a wolf looking for their prey, and walk like you own this damn place. Let’s head for the table and get this evening started. Capiche, my little wolf?”

Zoey nodded and pushed her shoulders back with confidence. As she walked toward the Alpha’s table, she swayed her hips provocatively. She could see people had stopped talking and watched her walk past, especially the men. The only attention she wanted tonight was not even at the table. He wasn’t even here tonight.

She hated that about herself. She heaved a sigh and scanned the pub a little more looking for Kayden.

“He isn’t here yet,” London whispered in her ear. Zoey shrugged trying to act as if it didn’t bother her as Nolan Banks pulled a chair out for her.

“Now, now, what do we have here?” Nolan teased. “I don’t believe we have met yet, Miss?” Zoey smiled as Nolan acted as though she was a stranger.

“My name is Zoey Malone, and what is yours, big boy?” Zoey teased, and then winked at him. Nolan was the best, and he made a tense situation into a bearable one.

“Well Ms. Malone, how about we dance? With a dress like that, I think you need to be center of attention tonight. Well?”

“Shut up, Nolan. That is my sister you’re talking to. I know you are going to say something, and it’s only going to piss me off.” Ryder interjected.

Ignoring her brother, Zoey extended her hand to Nolan. “Well, kind sir, I would love to dance with you.” She did feel special as Nolan escorted her out to the dance floor when a fast song came on. The stars must have been in line because Kayden walked through the door with none other than Jena Carnes. He hadn’t seen her yet, but she saw him. Putting on a show, Zoey did things with her body that she didn’t know she had in her. Dancing at home in front of the mirror doesn’t count. Tonight was her night to shine, and make Kayden Lynn jealous as hell.


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About the Author


Bryce Evans is a mother, wife, and author who loves to escape to the world she has built in the Ashland Pack. She burst onto the publishing scene with a hit in The Trinity. As an active police officer, Bryce needed another outlet from the pains of others. Writing filled that void.

She loves talking to people who have the same tastes as she does and enjoys storytelling about vampires, werewolves, witches, and fairies.

She loves to read books and write about places that come together in her head. She tries to write about what she knows and usually you will find some aspect of law enforcement in her writing.

Travel with her to a world filled with vampires, werewolves, witches, and fairies were the paranormal run wild and romance blooms.


Find out more about her current projects at

Also find her on Facebook


Coming Soon!


Bryce is releasing the best selling series ~The Love of a Shifter on November 26, 2014. This series includes: Once Forgotten Twice Loved & Healing Their Mate. Please join her on November 26th for the Book Release Event on Facebook. The fabulous Fangtastic is hosting this fun time. Lots of prizes so come join in the fun.



Bryce has been gracious enough to offer these great prizes!

(2 separate gift cards) $5.00 gift cards and (1) book of choice from her back list.

So that is 3 pretty spiffy prizes for you! Just post a comment and the winners will be picked a week from now!


Happy Friday Roth Heads!

Hello all you gorgeous Roth Heads! Please extend a warm welcome to special guest Michele Bardsley! She’s helping you pick out some Christmas gifts for that special bloodsucker in your life!


Christmas Presents for the Vampire in Your Life


In my vampire romance collection, Holiday Bites, I take three couples celebrating three different holidays and give them hot, sexy times. The first story in the collection is called “Christmas for Eve.” Eve is dating a vampire and doesn’t know it. Er, yet.


But it got me to thinking: What kind of Christmas present do you get for the vampires in your life (or unlife)? It can be difficult to find the right gift for the living, so buying for the undead is darn near impossible! Right? Right! However, I compiled a small list of items that may well be great gifts—and will brighten (so to speak) the life (or death) of your favorite bloodsucker:


  1. EpiPen®. Vampires are allergic to a lot of different things. Garlic. Holy water. Werewolf bites. Putting an allergy auto-injector into your favorite undead guy or gal’s stocking is not only thoughtful, but it could also prevent a fatality caused by an emergency blood donation.


  1. 1,000,000 SPF sunscreen and a TyVek protection suit. As you know, vampires suffer from severe photodermatitis (AKA sun poisoning). Unfortunately, an EpiPen® cannot help with this type of allergic condition—mostly because vampires tend to explode into ash when exposed to sunlight. But if the vampire in your life has to leave the abode—say, to escape a mob busting down the front door—the right kind of gear might well save your favorite vampire’s unlife.


  1. Coffin bedding. Oh sure, seeing your loved one crawl into a coffin for a good day’s rest can be a bit unsettling—especially if you’re still living. But being undead is uncomfortable enough. A coffin-shaped memory foam insert coupled with silk sheets and a nice, plump pillow will ensure your undead love’s rest is the best it can be.


  1. Rent a blood donation truck. Treat your vampire to the ultimate in feasting experiences! With a blood donation truck, you can explore the city and its various tasty residents—all without drawing attention. Nothing says “Happy Holidays!” like a victim-procurement unit.


  1. A tablet. Your vampire probably thinks a tablet is something the Egyptians and Babylonians wrote on to keep track of harvests and beer. A table is small enough to take into the coffin for bedtime, and not only can he or she read about the latest news in the world, there’s also Google maps to track victims, check out castle properties, and see what places look like in sunlight.


These are just a few ideas about what kind of bloody good presents to give that special vampire in your life!


If you’re looking for a special treat, why not indulge yourself and take some Holiday Bites? The collection of three hot tales of vampire paranormal romance is only 0.99 cents! Happy Holidays!!!




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Thanks everyone for commenting/entering! :)

JUST RELEASED! Hunted Holiday


Kiss of Christmas Magic Box Set

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring…
except for the sexy werewolf in a Santa hat come to seduce you while you read…
Treat yourself to a winter wonderland of shapeshifters and vampires, elves and fairies, ghosts and other paranormal creatures!
Twenty brand-new novellas of Christmas magic from some of the stars of paranormal romance will brighten your holiday with candy cane kisses and hot toddy loving. Spend your long winter nights with otherworldly alpha males where true love always wins the day and the spirits of the season are naughty AND nice.
This is a limited-edition box set. After the holidays, this deal will disappear forever, and you’ll have to spend over $20 to get these stories!

Includes a never before released story from National Bestselling Author Mandy M. Roth

Hunted Holiday: A Vampire Romance

hunted holiday

Dani Malloye hates the holidays, and with good reason. Though her best friend tries to force the Christmas spirit on her with giant Santas and elves that light up, she’d rather spend her time doing what she does best—enforcing paranormal law on the streets of Chicago. Nothing like a little evil bloodshed to lighten the mood. Besides, work means she can spend time with her sexy boss, Cornell Sutton. Too bad Cornell is uptight, her new neighbor, and a vampire. Everyone knows slayers and vampires just don’t mix. Or do they?

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Copyright (c) 2014 Mandy M. Roth

Chapter One

Zucchinis, the other word for “it”

“Come on, Dani.”
Dani Malloye eyed her friend Mimi cautiously, positive the girl had finally lost it and the mental break had come in the form of excess holiday cheer. Apparently, when Dani had, in casual conversation, mentioned she hadn’t celebrated the holidays in years, Mimi had seen that as a challenge and accepted it.


Mimi had already spent the greater part of the snowy Chicago day unloading box after box of Christmas decorations onto Dani’s snow-covered front yard in an attempt to “get Dani in the mood” for the season. No amount of setting the scene would ever get Dani on board with the holidays.

She flinched, wanting to keep from slipping into remembered pain. She wasn’t thirteen anymore. She wasn’t helpless. Ten years had passed and she had embraced her destiny. She was no longer weak or terrified. Even with the sense of empowerment, Dani couldn’t make her way back to finding happiness at this time of year. But there was no sense in ruining Mimi’s love of it all.

With a slow, measured breath, Dani pushed a smile to her face, wanting to look happy for the sake of her friend. Currently, Dani had concerns about her yard being a fire hazard once the decorations were actually plugged in. So far, the only thing dancing through her head was images of her electric meter spinning. That was a bill she had no interest in seeing.

She made good money as a slayer, or the new politically correct term—Preternatural Enforcer—but she didn’t flaunt money or spend unwisely. There had been a time when she’d lived on the streets, unsure where her next meal would come from or even if it would come. While that had changed, she wasn’t one to spend needlessly.

Mimi, having grown up in the lap of luxury, didn’t really have any true concept of money. The girl still lived in her family’s huge mansion on the other side of the city, and more often than not, Mimi had her own personal driver to cart her around. She didn’t have to work, but she did anyway. She was one of the Preternatural Magiks with Chicago’s Bureau of Paranormal Investigation (CBPI). The people in charge liked to ration them out to the teams of enforcers, just in case a magik was needed. Mimi was on the same team as Dani. They’d met during training and had clicked right away. Dani and Mimi had grown up with very different backgrounds, but that hadn’t stopped them from becoming the best of friends.

The minute Dani spotted a giant light-up Santa, still in the box, standing almost as tall as her, she shook her head, needing to stop the insanity before it became an even bigger eyesore. “No way. I’m vetoing that one.”

“Come on, Dani,” Mimi pleaded, her light blue eyes wide and her bottom lip jutted forward, pouting, as her red hair poked out from under her knitted cap. The girl had a way of getting Dani to agree to just about anything. It was the power of the best friend code of ethics. That, or big sad eyes. Dani wasn’t sure.

“The Santa was too cute for me to resist,” added Mimi.

Dani paused, considering letting Mimi have her way. “No.”

“Dani, you have to admit he’s adorable.” Mimi tugged on the end of the box, doing her best to get Super Santa free from his packaging. From the looks of it, Super Santa weighed a ton.

Stretching her arms above her head in an attempt to ease her stiffness, Dani kept making a noise that indicated no way. That noise was quickly replaced by a grunt when she overstretched her tired and sore muscles.

Mimi eyed her. “Did you get checked in the infirmary after last night’s scuffle?”

“Scuffle” was a mild word for it. Millennium Park had been the scene of one hell of a battle between those who tried to police the supernaturals, and a select group of supernaturals, who had decided they wanted to do as they pleased—and doing as they pleased meant attacking humans.

That was a no-go.

Dani, a skilled slayer, and the few enforcers with her, had been grossly outnumbered when they’d been ambushed. She’d nearly gotten her ass handed to her once or twice during it all, but had come out on top. Several baddies had escaped and the CBPI was on it. If any of the perps resurfaced, the enforcers would be notified.

“I’m good. Sore, but good,” said Dani, though she was a bit worse off than she cared to admit. “But I’m still drawing the line on Super Santa.”
“Holiday mood killer,” mumbled Mimi.

Dani was about to comment when the hairs on the back of her neck prickled, wanting to stand on end but resisting. Her slayer side was more sensitive to certain types of supernaturals. That happened with a lot of slayers. Dani’s easy-to-sense supernaturals were vampires.

A smile wanted to form on her face when she put together which vampire in particular was watching her. The only one she’d ever had the hots for. The one who just happened to be her boss. She resisted, doing her best to act as if she didn’t sense him there, his gaze on her from afar.
Do not look over at his house. Do not, she repeated to herself.

Cornell Sutton, member of one of the ruling vampire families and one of the heads of her division of CBPI. More specifically, he was her direct boss and just happened to be a hunk. Tall, sinewy, with ink-black hair that hung just past his chiseled jaw line and eyes so dark it was often hard to tell when his demon rode his body. Like most vampires, he was on the pale side, but he worked it.

Man, oh man, did he work it.

Dani’s entire body tightened with thoughts of Cornell. He always smelled like cinnamon and baked goods to her. Every vampire had a natural scent. His reminded her of apple pie, which was her one weakness. She’d once asked Mimi if she too smelled baked goods around Cornell, but Mimi had stared at her like she was nuts.

Didn’t matter. The guy smelled yummy enough to eat.

Too bad he was her boss and a stick-in-the-mud. He was a by-the-book kind of guy. Always harping on her about the rules and regulations. About her duties. About her wild ways.

Mostly, she tuned him out, disliking authority figures and following orders. She thought she’d one-upped him with her streak of defiance, but then, two years ago, he’d done the unimaginable.

The jerk had bought the property next to Dani’s house as well as the next two properties beyond that, had the previous homes on the lots demolished, and then had commissioned the building of a giant, gothic-feeling mansion with matching grounds. The place did not fit into the suburban area one bit. It stuck out like a sore thumb, but he’d done it all the same. It had been completed six months prior, and for those long six months Dani had found herself living next door to her boss. He was probably watching her because he had plans to scold her for her juvenile behavior.
Yep, a total stick-in-the-mud.

A hot one.

But a stick all the same.

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Be sure you’re seeing your favorite authors on Facebook

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5. Now name your new list. Hit DONE.
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What’s a bear to do when a human has a polar-izing effect?

Polar Bared: Anti-Hero, BIG Bear Romance (Kodiak Point Book 3)


by  Eve Langlais

What’s a bear to do when a human has a polar-izing effect?

Gene only has one thing on his mind, vengeance, until Vicky crashes into his life.

When Vicky accidentally slides into the side of a polar bear, she doesn’t expect to fall in love. Eaten yes, perhaps used as a chew toy, but become the object of a bear’s affection and lust?

Crazy! Almost as crazy as the fact the polar bear turns out to be a man. A sexy man. A man who growls, and roars and does everything he can to chase her away.

Only to come back.

Poor Gene. After the pain and betrayal he suffered in the war all he wants is vengeance against the brothers who left him behind. But he’s confused when instead of wanting to punish him for his evil acts, they offer him forgiveness.

As if that weren’t annoying enough, the cutest geek he ever met—with caramel kissed skin covering a lush, rounded figure and wearing the sexiest dark rimmed glasses—won’t leave him alone. Or more like, he can’t seem to stop following her. And it isn’t just because someone is out to hurt her.

He wants her. But does he want her more than vengeance?



nookPNG2 copy




*Note from Mandy: I really hope you love Eve’s book! She’s a great author!!!!!!