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Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 15, 2014 in Day in the Life

Preparing for two weekends in a row of house guests and then a busy booked up travel schedule for the rest of 2014. Very happy that a house sitter and dog sitter are in place.

This means I’m on total writing lock down. I have more releases this year than I’ve EVER had in my ten years of writing. I thought it fitting since this month and this year celebrate ten years of me being a published author YAY!

My extended family and friends understand that with all my upcoming travel and with all my deadlines that I’m not going to be available much to chit chat or hang out. But no fear, I always make time for my readers online!



Mandy Moment #8989890

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 14, 2014 in Day in the Life

Mandy Moment #8989890: So, a friend stopped by who is looking at some work I need done around the house (some shelves, backsplash, etc). Anyways, we go into the garage and some flying black bug (tiny thing) goes right down the front of my shirt. I’m standing there, feeling this thing crawl on me and finally I’m like “look away”… and I shove my hand down the front of my shirt as I put my back to them. Hey, the bug was crawling IN MY BRA!



Nook Readers: Tactical Magik (I-Ops 5)

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 13, 2014 in Just Released

Tactical Magik (Immortal Ops #5) is available for Nook for a LIMITED time only! Be sure to get your copy today. Soon it will be an Amazon Exclusive!




Strange Facts About Me

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 11, 2014 in Day in the Life

Strange Facts About Me: I hate blue cheese. HATE IT

I love liver and onions. That seems to gross a lot of people out. I also love lima beans, Brussels sprouts, spinach, cooked kale.



10 Year Author Anniversary

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 10, 2014 in Day in the Life

April marks my 10 Year Anniversary of being a published author! Ten years ago this month Daughter of Darkness released with NCP (nod to Andrea DePasture here). I was in GREAT company. Releasing with me in April ten years ago were Michelle Pillow and Jaycee Clark. I’m so proud of us all! And I’m so incredibly thankful for amazing readers like all of you!

Thank you for the last ten years!!!!!



Upcoming release schedule

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 9, 2014 in Coming Soon

(I do not have firm release dates for Scared Places expanded edition or King of Prey expanded edition but they ARE releasing this year)

Talisman Chronicles Two
Possible release of secret project

Administrative Control (Immortal Ops 6)
Talisman Chronicles Three

Act of Surrender (PSI/Immortal Ops Book Two)

Bounty Hunter’s Captive (Reagan book)

Separation Zone (Immortal Ops 7)

The Ops are about as set in stone as I can get (Jon’s story is NOT the end of the Immortal Ops books by any means so expect even more on both the Immortal Ops and PSI Ops in 2015). The rest of the books listed are close to set. Close enough I feel good listing them. I’m not listing anything else because I just don’t know for sure about dates. A lot hinges on editing availability, my existing schedule and upcoming travel.



Q &A: My Kindle Worlds Books

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Mar 26, 2014 in Hell If I Know What It Should Be Labeled

I know that a lot of you have had questions about my Kindle Worlds series. I thought I’d take a moment and answer them here.

Q: Are The Talisman Chronicles based off The Vampire Diaries Show on THE CW?

A: Yes, The Talisman Chronicles are based loosely off the TV Show The Vampire Diaries. No. I did not rewrite an episode or give alternate endings to existing story threads. I introduce new characters to the world that interact and have certain story threads that overlap with existing characters. Example: You meet the parents of Elena, Matt, Bonnie, Caroline and Tyler, BUT you meet them when they’re teens.

Q: Are they short stories?

A: Yes. Each Volume is a short story that leads directly into the next Volume.

Q: Are they exclusive to Amazon?

A: Yes. They are part of Amazon’s Kindle Worlds Program.

Q: Do you have any control over the pricing of The Talisman Chronicle Books?

A: No.

Q: Is book one available for purchase?

A: Yes. It can be purchased here.

Q: When does book two release?

A: April/May 2014

Q: When does book three release?

A: June/July 2014

Q: Are these a serial novel?

A: Yes. The three short stories combine together to make one novel.

Q: Will you write more in the Talisman Chronicles Series World beyond the three books listed?

A: That depends on sales and how the books are received. Please remember to stop past and leave an honest review on Amazon if you get a chance to read The Talisman Chronicles!

Q: I live outside the US and want to read these books. Will they be made available to those in foreign markets?

A: For now Kindle Worlds is US only. If this changes I will post and let my readers know.

Q: What was the process like (writing for Kindle Worlds)?

A: Very smooth. I’m pleased with how Amazon has handled its Worlds Program and they spell out clear rules for writing within each world they have rights to. They’ve also hosted a number of web chats to help better explain the program.

Q: Why did you select The Vampire Diaries from the worlds available?

A: Because it was the best fit with my existing genre and titles and I felt it was the best choice to cross over into the YA market.

Q: I want to write a Kindle Worlds Book, what steps should I take?

A: Visit the Kindle Worlds website. You’ll find the answers you need there.

Q: Did you do a lot of research to write for The Vampire Diaries KW? 

A: YES! I had to learn the canon of the world. I read all the original books in the series. I purchased and watched all the TV shows. I took tons of notes, worked hard on lining up timelines and dates and studied the characterization of the Vampire Diaries characters.


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$.99 Boxed Set NEW Alpha Shifter Seductions

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Mar 18, 2014 in Just Released

On SALE for a limited time for $.99. This is a great chance to pick up several of my backlist titles for next to nothing.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

ASIN for Amazon: B00J2JNS8Q

Boxed Set Contains:
Blaze of Glory (Prospect Springs Shifters)
Pike’s Peak (League of the Unnatural)
Tipping the Scales (Stop Dragon My Heart Around)
Warriors of Darkness

Blaze of Glory (Shifter Paranormal Romance):
Sheriff Jonathan MacSweeny is in charge of keeping the peace in Prospect Springs. Frontier living isn’t what it used to be. It’s hard to survive in the New Old West and it’s even harder when your area doesn’t exactly embrace supernaturals–and you howl at the moon. That being said, he’s good at his job and has a reputation with the ladies. When he learns his childhood sweetheart is to be married off to the town sleazebag, he goes in guns blazing to see to it she’s his. Problem is, Molly isn’t the same girl he remembers from ten years prior. Now she’s a gun-toting, foul-mouthed, vixen with a badge of her own.

Special Marshal Molly Cogan never planned to set foot back in Prospect Springs. When her friend gets the harebrained idea to steal her identity in an attempt to protect her from the bounty the outlaws have on her head, Molly finds herself standing right smack dab in the middle of chaos–or home in her case. It isn’t long before Jonathan is there, flashing that famous MacSweeny boy smile and tempting her in ways she wasn’t prepared for. This heart-hardened Marshal has her work cut out for her if she plans to face her past fears and her past sweetheart.

Pike’s Peak (Shifter Paranormal Romance):
Preventing world domination has its perks–brawn, brains, and now … beauty.

Pike Kinsley is your run-of-the-mill, supernatural–fighting evil at all costs. Humans view him as a superhero. He doesn’t want fame or glory. He just wants to live his life in peace, kill bad guys and scratch a carnal itch when need be. He also wants to forget messing up the most important thing in his life–a chance to claim the woman he loves. When opportunity knocks, wearing a navy catsuit, the wolf side of him comes to an understanding with the man–they will claim the woman. The blast from the past is more than Pike bargained for and might possibly be more than he can handle…If evil doesn’t kill him, his best friend just might. After all, it’s his best friend’s sister Pike wants to conquer.

Tipping the Scales (Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance)
Zarek Dracodomus has one slight problem. If he doesn’t mate by the end of the year, he’ll never get laid again. When he sees a tall seductress, he knows she’s the one. This headstrong sex goddess manages to turn the tables on the immortal playboy and Zarek finds himself racing to beat time, not only to remain sexually active but to win Keren’s heart as well. Little does he know he’s been yanked out of his tedium by a woman sworn to kill him and all of his kind.

Warriors of Darkness (Paranormal Shifter Romance):
Deryn Murray has her work cut out for her. Not only is she determined to prevent Alejandro Vargas’s death–one she’s seen over and over in her dreams–but she must keep anyone from learning her true identity–that of a slayer, and sworn enemy of all the supernaturals. Protecting the Colonel of the alternate realm military base threatens not only her life but her very heart. Despite his refusal to cooperate, Alejandro has broken through her emotional barriers and holds the power to hurt her worse than anyone ever has.

Colonel Alejandro Vargas is more than frustrated when his job gets a whole lot tougher due to the arrival of two civilian doctors, one of whom is human. Tall, sexy and blonde, Dr. Deryn Murray gets under his skin in more ways than one. If she’s not humming nursery rhymes and talking to animals, she’s taking on armed spirit tomb guards while insisting she’s saving his life.

But in place where time and space have no boundaries, ancient enemies would like nothing more than to eradicate them both, just when they’ve found each other.



Book Trailer: Act of Mercy (PSI Immortal Ops)

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Mar 13, 2014 in Just Released


Amazon buy link US:


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The Vampire Diaries: The Talisman Chronicles (Vol One)

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Mar 10, 2014 in Just Released

Early Release Surprise! The Vampire Diaries: The Talisman Chronicles (Vol One) by Mandy M. Roth writing as Mandy Balde

YA Paranormal Romance Short Story

Kindle US (This is an Amazon Exclusive)


Talisman (Tali) never wanted to move to Mystic Falls. She’d finally managed to carve out something close to a normal life in Chicago, and that isn’t easy to do when your mother makes her living telling other people’s fortunes and communicating with long-lost loved ones. When her mother claims the spirits have warned her of danger, Tali knows it’s only a matter of time before they have to move again. She knows her mother has ties to the small, isolated town in Virginia, but she doesn’t know how deep they run. And Mystic Falls isn’t any old town. And Tali isn’t any old teenage girl.


To Amazon KDP and Kindle Worlds, thank you for inviting me to be part of this exciting endeavor. To The CW, The Vampire Diaries TV show, its writers and its cast, and last but certainly not least—L.J. Smith, thank you for creating a fantastic world and for permitting me to play within its confines. And to my readers, thanks for accompanying me on this wild ride. I hope you enjoy this short story. To those just joining me on this project, The Talisman Chronicles are based loosely on the TV Show, The Vampire Diaries. I’ve taken certain liberties to maximize reading enjoyment. I hope fans of the show understand why I made this choice and I sincerely hope they fall in the love with the characters as I have.

Fans of the books and the show already know Elena, Caroline, Tyler, Matt and Bonnie’s stories, it’s time the generation before them had their story told. You may think you know all about them, but the truth isn’t always what it seems.




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