Keep Calm and Ooooo… new books!

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 23, 2014 in Day in the Life

I’m easily distracted but not by pretty and shiny, by books! I’m a read-a-holic and proud of it. I didn’t give up my reading addiction when I started writing. I think it only got worse. :)



I’m attending the Undead Con in New Orleans Oct 30- Nov 2

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 21, 2014 in Day in the Life

Confirmed and Scheduled Appearance/ Signing! Michelle Pillow and Mandy M. Roth will be attending the UndeadCON 2014 (Anne Rice Vampire Ball) in New Orleans Thursday Oct 30- Sunday Nov 2nd.

This is my (Mandy M Roth) only confirmed and scheduled showing for 2014. The conference has hotel rooms blocked out at a special rate. Be sure to book the conference and the rooms soon!

Yes, I will sign books there after my panel. You can either purchase my books there or bring my print books with you and I’ll sign them.

UndeadCon link


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Kindle Worlds Blog

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 21, 2014 in Day in the Life

I’m over on the Kindle Worlds Blog! Please stop past and say hi or hit like. :)


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Must suck to work with me

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 18, 2014 in Day in the Life

Poor Michelle Pillow. This is a tiny glimpse into what its like to have a business chat with me. (click on image to make it bigger to read)



They come and they go

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 15, 2014 in Day in the Life

Preparing for two weekends in a row of house guests and then a busy booked up travel schedule for the rest of 2014. Very happy that a house sitter and dog sitter are in place.

This means I’m on total writing lock down. I have more releases this year than I’ve EVER had in my ten years of writing. I thought it fitting since this month and this year celebrate ten years of me being a published author YAY!

My extended family and friends understand that with all my upcoming travel and with all my deadlines that I’m not going to be available much to chit chat or hang out. But no fear, I always make time for my readers online!



Mandy Moment #8989890

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 14, 2014 in Day in the Life

Mandy Moment #8989890: So, a friend stopped by who is looking at some work I need done around the house (some shelves, backsplash, etc). Anyways, we go into the garage and some flying black bug (tiny thing) goes right down the front of my shirt. I’m standing there, feeling this thing crawl on me and finally I’m like “look away”… and I shove my hand down the front of my shirt as I put my back to them. Hey, the bug was crawling IN MY BRA!



Nook Readers: Tactical Magik (I-Ops 5)

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 13, 2014 in Just Released

Tactical Magik (Immortal Ops #5) is available for Nook for a LIMITED time only! Be sure to get your copy today. Soon it will be an Amazon Exclusive!




Strange Facts About Me

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 11, 2014 in Day in the Life

Strange Facts About Me: I hate blue cheese. HATE IT

I love liver and onions. That seems to gross a lot of people out. I also love lima beans, Brussels sprouts, spinach, cooked kale.



10 Year Author Anniversary

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 10, 2014 in Day in the Life

April marks my 10 Year Anniversary of being a published author! Ten years ago this month Daughter of Darkness released with NCP (nod to Andrea DePasture here). I was in GREAT company. Releasing with me in April ten years ago were Michelle Pillow and Jaycee Clark. I’m so proud of us all! And I’m so incredibly thankful for amazing readers like all of you!

Thank you for the last ten years!!!!!



Upcoming release schedule

Posted by Mandy M. Roth on Apr 9, 2014 in Coming Soon

(I do not have firm release dates for Scared Places expanded edition or King of Prey expanded edition but they ARE releasing this year)

Talisman Chronicles Two
Possible release of secret project

Administrative Control (Immortal Ops 6)
Talisman Chronicles Three

Act of Surrender (PSI/Immortal Ops Book Two)

Bounty Hunter’s Captive (Reagan book)

Separation Zone (Immortal Ops 7)

The Ops are about as set in stone as I can get (Jon’s story is NOT the end of the Immortal Ops books by any means so expect even more on both the Immortal Ops and PSI Ops in 2015). The rest of the books listed are close to set. Close enough I feel good listing them. I’m not listing anything else because I just don’t know for sure about dates. A lot hinges on editing availability, my existing schedule and upcoming travel.


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