Google Play

How many of you buy your books from Google Play? Is this a vendor you’d like me to start offering my books at?

Say goodbye to white!

So, as 40 nears (one month away) I noticed a good deal of white hairs starting on the front, top portion of my hair. I was starting to look like Lily Munster. I gave in and had my hair done.


New House

We’re getting ready to close on a new home. They are finishing up construction on it now. I’m excited because it will have some great writing areas in it for me as well as a wonderful wooded lot that will mean some great peaceful writing for me. If you don’t see me much online that is why.

Thanks for understanding!




In a private author group the question of the government watching us for our searches came up. I had to laugh because the government is probably shaking their heads when they look at my searches. Everything from erotic stuff to military. Yeah, I’m probably on several lists. All I would like to say to those watching me is, I really only write books but if you’re open to answering some questions for me I have a new series in the works that deals with FBI agents. Just saying.