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PROMO OP (yes, you can copy and paste this info and share it to your other author groups, everyone is welcome to join). Audiobooks do NOT have to be holiday themed. In the past, this promotion has yielded wonderful results in the following months.


All genres of audiobooks are welcome.

Graphics are located here:

You MUST use the hashtag


Runs: Dec 1- 15th


1. Must use graphics provided in the google drive folder for the event.

2. Must use hashtag #snowaudio2022 on all posts

3. Must tell readers to be sure to check out the hashtag #snowaudio2022 for more amazing audiobook giveaways.

4. If taking part, you must tell your newsletter subscribers about the giveaway and to check the hashtag #snowaudio2022 for other amazing audiobook giveaways.

5. You are responsible for picking your winners and awarding your prizes/codes.

6. You can do more than one giveaway.

7. Open to all genres of books.

8. There is no sign-up.

9. Platforms to post on (not required to do all): Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.


We ALL use the hashtag #snowaudio2022 and we all use the graphics provided. Graphics are made to be able to fit your audiobook cover on them. Other than that, we’re all on our own with how many books we list and if we do one or more giveaways.

In your social media posts, you are required to tell readers to “check out the hashtag #snowaudio2022 for even more amazing audiobook giveaways.”

Google Drive Folder for graphics (you must be signed into Google to access/download these):

Once there, you will find a folder for videos (within it, you’ll find IG size and TT size along with a txt file that proves rights of usage for music for that video). The other folder in the drive contains static images. These have been made to fit your audiobook covers on them.

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