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Aged to Perfection Author Spotlight: Bobby Leigh

Title: Snow Hill: Hexed On A Feeling

About Bobby Leigh

When not penning fiction, Bobby can be found working on the next movie script, playing D&D, recording guitar and piano tracks, traveling the world, or checking out a new food place with friends.

Bobby Leigh

Author Q&A

Q: What's a misconception about midlife that you'd like to clear up?

A: That your value is less. This is absolutely not true. Experience, and knowing yourself is such a rewarding place to be.

Q: Tell us a bit about your story.

A: This short story follows an empath, a sorcerer of the mind, traveling to a small town to research a curious case involving a curse. But the town isn't as welcoming, except for one of the local magic wielding men. Is he a friend, foe, or lover?

Q:  Do you have a personal connection with any of the characters in your story? Does one resonate with you more than the others?

A: I was told early in life that I was too sensitive. So I wanted to create a character where that sensitivity wasn't a liability, but an asset. By taking it to a paranormal level, it became a power for our heroine.

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