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On the fence about PSI books? Love them and wish your friends would read them too? Don’t pass up the chance to get this ebook box set for FREE*!

FREE* ebook box set PSI-Ops Books 1-3 for a very limited time!

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• Act of Mercy
• Act of Surrender
• Act of Submission

Where danger and desire collide!

Act of Mercy:

Duke Marlow, an immortal alpha werewolf and PSI-Operative, whose latest mission is to track down Mercy Deluca. But she’s not the villain she’s made out to be; she’s his destined mate, and together, they uncover a threat that could expose the hidden supernatural world. As they navigate a minefield of deadly secrets, the line between enemy and ally blurs, igniting a flame that could burn the very fabric of their existence.

Act of Surrender:

Ex-operative Dr. James Hagen is plagued by trauma. His life is upended once again by Laney Steele, a spirited cyberpunk whose theories of shapeshifting soldiers lead her into the heart of danger—and into James’s guarded heart. As they piece together a conspiracy, their bond becomes the strongest weapon against the looming shadow ready to engulf them.

Act of Submission:

Haven Carey is on a quest for vengeance, only to collide with Miles “Boomer” Walsh, a cat-shifting PSI-Operative with a fortress around his heart. When Haven’s search for justice turns into an explosive encounter with Boomer, they discover a shared enemy and a mutual craving that refuses to be silenced.

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