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Aged to Perfection Author Spotlight: Stephanie Berchiolly

Title: Train Bound to Forty

About Stephanie Berchiolly

When Stephanie Berchiolly’s not writing novels and screenplays, she’s spoiling her bird Peppers rotten, providing endless jump scares for her partner Rick, or baking wackadoo things like cakes with pies inside.

Stephanie Berchiolly

Author Q&A

Q: Tell us about one of your upcoming titles.  

A: The first full-length novel in the Scenic Magical Midlife Tour series is coming out in Spring of 2022. I’m also working on short stories related to some characters in the novella, which will only be available to my mailing list.

Q: Why was this story important for you to tell?

A: It's an empowering story of overcoming adversity, betrayal, and the truly unexpected. I want readers to recognize they have the power to feel confident and strong, even when faced with significant struggles in their lives.

Q: Tell us a bit about your story.

A: A force of nature unto herself, Florebelle Fairfield, must face a magical destiny she was never prepared for.

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