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I’ve been trying to work on Raven chapters all day. I was working on that story about the Italian gods but had to set it aside. Lost my muse again. I think someone musenapped her… I can’t be sure, though. If an insane muse is found lost and wandering the streets, please return to…. J/K

I got more emails from folks wanting to know who Gwen picks and now what happens next to Valerie. Some are so passionate about who they want to win out in each book that I get all excited. Seems sort of surreal that anyone would care, let alone email me about it. I’m loving them and find that they are helping get me through this blocked period.

I can say that some new reviews for my work recently came out. I need a disclaimer that says that I’m NOT a normal romance book. I love tossing extra obstacles (in most cases, more men) in my books, and I’ve noticed that the reception to that isn’t always warm.

I have yet to write a HEA ending and am not sure I could.

The problem stems from the fact that I sort of thought DOD and VALK did have happy endings. I’m obviously not right in the head, so that’s the last time I take my own advice! LOL! I’m trying to pull together some authors to do an anthology called GHOST CATS about wildcat shapeshifters. I think it’ll be fun.

The response has been good so far. My story for it is pretty much done. I’ll post more about it on my website when I get the chance. Oh, I think that Immortal Ops will be coming out this week or next. I’m not really sure. It’s completely different from DOD and Valk, so I hope everyone will like it. 🙂 I’ve rambled on long enough now… off to write more Raven chapters.

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