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Those of you who preordered Windy with a Chance of Wolfsbane and Jack with a Chance of Frost may have gotten a notice from the vendor informing you that the preorders were canceled.

Starry with a Chance of Nightshade took on a life of its own while I was writing it. While it made for a wonderfully wild ride, it also moved around the order each character’s book should appear in the series.

I’ve spent months trying to “force” Jonathan’s and Seward’s stories to line up next and have been less than pleased with the results. So I am shuffling around the releases. I didn’t make this choice lightly. In the end, it is what’s right for the series and the characters.

When it organically feels like Jonathan’s and Seward’s turns, their books will release, but not until. The titles will more than likely change on their books as well. I’ll keep you updated in the newsletter on it all.

When their books are available for purchase again, I’ll need to enlist your help to spread the word. Anyone wanting to read them can re-order them at that time.

I’ve gone ahead and put Drest’s and Rachael’s story (Thunder with a Chance of Lovestruck) up, so those wanting to order it can. IGNORE the date listed. It will release sooner than that. I don’t know how much sooner, but sooner.

You may have also noticed that I put a new Immortal Ops Series World book up for order–Ground Training (Ace’s story). Ignore the date on it as well. It will release sooner too.

Release FAQs

Q: What book will come after Thunder with a Chance of Lovestruck (Grimm Cove)?

A: I’m not sure. We’re going to find out together. LOL. But seriously, I’m letting Thunder with a Chance of Lovestruck develop without any pressure on which character needs to come next. Once I’m sure, I’ll let everyone know.

Q: Do we really have to wait until Dec for Thunder with a Chance of Lovestruck?

A: I’m aiming to release the title much, much sooner, but my anxiety levels wouldn’t let me put the release date sooner until I have the finished product in hand.

Q: When will the Shadow Ridge Series be released?

A: When I’m able to devote the time the series requires to it.

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