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5 Reasons Why Grimm Cove is A Must-Read Paranormal Women's Fiction Series

5 Reasons Why The Grimm Cove Series is A Must-Read

The Grimm Cove series is by NY Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Mandy M. Roth. This paranormal women's fiction series blends beloved favorite characters from myths, legends, and gothic literature with romance, fast-paced action, witty banter, strong female friendships, fated mates, and alpha males.

Paranormal women's fiction at its finest.

In this series of stand-alone full-length novels:

1. Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft

Cloudy with a Chance of Witchcraft

A woman inherits a house in Grimm Cove, SC—along with the ghost of her grandparents. She gets a second chance at a first love who just so happens to wolf out every full moon and has her besties by her side when she stands against evil.

“Seriously awesome start to a series!”

Hexing with a Chance of Tornadoes

A former NYC assistant district attorney finds herself uprooting and starting over again in the seemingly quiet South Carolina town of Grimm Cove, but finds she has ties to the town and the evil that has descended upon it. Not to mention she can't stop eye-ducking the head of the local wolf-shifter pack.

“It's action packed, funny, sexy as hell and so much more!!!!”

Spellcasting with a Chance of Spirits

A whimsical, carefree woman who can see ghosts, talk to animals, and see the best in just about everyone, finds herself the center of attention from the local master vampire, who just so happens to head the Van Helsing Slayers.

“Wow, just wow. I think this one was the best one of this series. I was totally cracking up the whole time I was reading.”

Starry with a Chance of Nightshade

A woman who has spent a lifetime on the run from monsters her father created lands in Grimm Cove only to realize she'll never be able to outrun her past. Then again, with the help of the sexy local detective, who just so happens to be Fae, she might not have to.

“It's funny, twisted, scary and hot as hell!”

Thunder with a chance of Lovestruck

When your surname is Frankenstein, there are bound to be some monsters in your closet. And sometimes, it takes Fate a few tries before it gets it right, but when it does, it's beautiful.

“Storytelling at its emotional compelling best.”

With books that range from suspenseful thrillers to sensual romance to emotional journeys of self-discovery, this series will keep you turning pages well into the night.

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